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La Brea's Showrunner Says the Exiles Are 'Fun and Dangerous' New Characters

The mysterious new group is here to stay.

By McKenzie Jean-Philippe
The Mystery Deepens | NBC's La Brea

Another day, another mystery in the world of La Brea. And the latest for Season 2? An intimidating new group called the Exiles, who have made it clear they are the Sky People's latest enemy. We detail everything we know about them so far, below.

Who are the Exiles?

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Before we even knew they were known as the Exiles, we saw a group of them abduct Veronica—and eventually Eve and Levi—in the series premiere. In the second episode of the season, the menacing group takes Eve and Levi to a cave. It's there that they find other Sky People, and they're all forced to mine for a black rock with an unknown importance to the Exiles. They seem to be led by Taamet, played by newcomer Martin Sensmeier. (His casting was announced by Deadline in September.)

The Exiles featured in La Brea

The origins of the Exiles remain unclear, but thanks to Levi's keen observation that the warriors have steel (which didn't exist yet in 10,000 B.C.) they may have ties to a future time in history. When NBC Insider spoke to showrunner David Appelbaum, he spilled as much as he could about the new characters without giving too much away.

"That's actually a mystery that we're going to unfold over the course of several episodes," he says. "[They] have ties to other groups in this world that we have met and also that we haven't met yet. As far as their specific origin, that's something we're gonna find out. Wait a little bit and you'll get your answer.  But, you know, I think they're a really fun and dangerous group that's going to introduce a lot of new conflict to the show."

What is the rock the Exiles are looking for?

The Exiles seemed determined to collect as much of the mysterious black rock as they can, forcing the Sky People into round-the-clock labor to find it. But what even is it? Well, if you thought the rock could have ties to the chest of gold Scott and Lucas found in Season 1, you're a little off. Appelbaum told us there's no connection.

"That's an interesting theory," he says. "But the black rock that they're mining is an important point that is connected to some larger mythology ideas in the show. But as we go deeper into the season, we're gonna get the answers for what it's for."

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