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What Happened to Marybeth on La Brea?

The character's story ended all too soon. 

By Jackie Manno
Five-Minute Season 2 Preview | NBC’s La Brea

La Brea is back and giving us some serious twists and turns with its action-packed plot. The show is filled with complicated dynamics between characters, including the cop Marybeth and her rebellious son, Lucas. Although Marybeth and Lucas had a rocky relationship at the beginning of La Brea, the mother-and-son duo began to form a close bond amid unimaginably difficult circumstances. However, tragedy struck just when the two were beginning to repair everything. But what, exactly, was Marybeth’s fate?

Marybeth and Lucas Attempted Their Escape

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When Aldridge revealed that the portal in Topanga will lead them to 1988, Marybeth and Lucas agreed to travel miles for that journey, along with many others. While they’re traveling with Isaiah, a member of the Tongva tribe attempted to take the boy away from them in order to return him to Silas. As he charged towards them, Marybeth shot at him but he managed to tackle her. Lucas pulled him off and there was a struggle until Levi miraculously appeared and shot the tribe member. While Lucas remained unscathed, it was revealed that Marybeth had been stabbed. 

Lucas Remained Loyal to Marybeth

While Sam suggested Marybeth go back to the clearing, she insisted that she continue towards the portal. “I am not missing my chance to get out of this place,” she said. The rest of the group needed to hurry to get Isaiah through the light, so Lucas agreed to stay at his mother’s side. “I’ll make sure she gets there in one piece,” he said. “Go. Save your family. I’ll be right behind you,” Marybeth reassured Eve.

However, when Marybeth and Lucas were hiking, she collapsed suddenly, as the wound turned out to be worse than she predicted. She told her son to leave her and go on his own, as they would not make it through the light in time with the pace she could travel. Her committed son refused and even offered to carry her up the mountain. “Then we’ll both be stuck here. You got a chance to get out of this place. I don’t want you to lose it.” Nevertheless, the always-defiant Lucas threw Marybeth over his shoulder.

Marybeth Didn't Make It

Shortly after, Marybeth’s condition began to rapidly decline. “I’m not gonna let you die on me,” Lucas pleaded. “It's not up to you,” she responded weakly. Marybeth had one parting message to share with her son: “Don’t go back to your old life. Make something of yourself." She then told Lucas she loved him before she died in his arms. Lucas called desperately for help and tried to revive her but it was too late. He then hugged her body and broke down in sobs. Ultimately, he was too devastated to continue on his journey and did not make it through the portal that led to 1988 before it closed, leaving him in 10,000 B.C.

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