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Heidi Klum Nearly Pulled Mel B Down with Her When She Fell on the Fantasy League Set

The Judge had a good sense of humor about the ordeal. 

By Jackie Manno

When Heidi Klum appeared on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon on October 28, she talked about a little mishap she had onset while taping America's Got Talent: Fantasy League.

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In some footage shared by Fallon — which you can view above at the 1:57 mark — Klum is seen holding hands with fellow Judge Mel B and trotting down the AGT stage. Then, when she approaches her Judge chair, she suddenly falls to the ground. Ouch!

Howie Mandel then rushes towards her and asks if she's okay and Klum responds with giggles and a, "Yes."

"You almost pulled me down," Mel B says. 

The audience then cheers as Klum pulls herself back up and strikes a pose. 

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Luckily, Klum had a good attitude about the whole thing. 

"It's so funny, the schadenfreude that happens, you know the word, when someone falls it's like, everyone was like 'Aah!' It was just funny," she told Fallon.

Heidi Klum on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon episode 1863

However, Klum walked away with a minor injury from her fall, with her leg bleeding. "It literally looks like a cat scratch, but it was deep. Someone had to come and glue it shut. It's amazing, they put this superglue in your wound," she explained.

Mandel and Klum gave us an up-close and personal aftermath of the fall on October 22. In an Instagram video, Mandel held the camera and zoomed in on Klum's wound while a medical team attended to her. 

"She's just fallen!" Mel B said. 

"We're in the middle of taping, and she took a fall. Tell them you're OK!" Mandel said. 

"I'm okay! I'm so glad no one saw this..." Klum joked.

"See what we do? People think Judging is easy!" Mandel chimed in. 

Then, Klum gave fans a glimpse of her injury getting treated with some iodine. "It burns!" she winced. Good thing she's a tough cookie!

What to know about AGT: Fantasy League 

Premiering in 2024, AGT: Fantasy League will have 10 former Acts on each Judge's team, who they will all mentor throughout the process. All the acts have been nominated by fans, and Mel B, who was an AGT Judge from Seasons 8 to 13, will make a return.

"How we got about this was very funny," Klum explained to Fallon, saying that all four of the Judges picked straws, and whoever picked the longest got to choose who went on their team first. Klum selected the longest, while Simon Cowell got the shortest. 

"That was amazing. I bolted for everyone who I loved," Klum said. 

Judges Americas Got Talent Fantasy League(l-r) Simon Cowell, Mel B, Terry Crews, Heidi Klum, Howie Mandel on stage for America's Got Talent Fantasy League

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Cowell also talked about how the idea came to be in an interview with NBC Insider. "We don't really get to do much other than Judge. So I thought of the idea of doing a show where we could actually work with the contestants. It would be more interesting than just sitting there," he told us. 

"I'm praying I get people I like. You'll see a different side of us, and see if we can't help them make better choices. I don't like losing," he added.