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See Why the Coaches Were Shocked Seeing Jason Arcilla After His “Gorgeous” Audition

Coach Gwen Stefani employed some trickery in her attempt to get the Hawaii resident on her Team.

By James Grebey

It can be easy to forget, what with all the Coaches’ fun banter, ribbing, and jockeying for their teams, that a big part of The Voice’s Blind Auditions are that they’re, well, blind. The person singing doesn’t always look like what the Coaches might’ve imagined when they were hearing their voice. That’s what happened with Jason Arcilla’s Blind Audition, as he performed Fleetwood Mac’s “Dreams.”

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“When you first came in and were changing up the rhythms and the melodies, I thought you were a woman. It was so soft and tender and beautiful,” Coach Gwen Stefani told Arcilla after the audition. Reba McEntire said she thought that at first, too.

“This is a hard song to do,” Stefani continued. “We all love the original. Stevie’s voice is so recognizable, but the more that I listened, the more I was like oh my God this guy is unique sounding.” 

Arcilla, 34, lives in Pukalani, Hawaii, and he explained that he chose the song because it reminded him of being back home, blasting music with his mother, and that he sings it every Sunday. Though Arcilla enjoys performing reggae covers of classic rock songs, he “put aside” music for 10 years so he could raise his daughter.

Jason Arcilla performs on the voice 2404

 Jason Arcilla's Blind Audition on The Voice Season 24

“I actually had her when I was in high school. It was a baby raising a baby. and I was forced to grow up. Me and mom split up, and I became a single father,” Arcilla explained. “Now, I can show my daughter who I am and she’s going to be able to see her dad putting himself out there.”

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Arcilla ultimately joined Team Gwen, but thanks to a bit of trickery on Stefani’s part, that was his only choice. Using some tactical know-how she picked up from her husband and former Coach Blake Shelton, Stefani blocked McEntire from picking Arcilla. (Coaches John Legend and Niall Horan didn’t turn their charis.)

“Reba and I have gone head-to-head a few times now, and i guess we have similar tastes in music,” Stefani explained. “But I don’t like fighting against her.” 

“Can you believe Gwen blocked me?” McEntire said. “I was just sitting over here minding my own business. We’ll, we’ll see how that fares.”

But how far will Arcilla go? Find out by watching The Voice Mondays and Tuesdays at 8/7c on NBC and next day on Peacock.