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Why Tobias "Toby" Core Had a Blacklist Episode Dedicated to Him

The talented carpenter clearly meant a lot to the cast and crew. 

By Jackie Manno

Fans may have noticed that Season 8, Episode 21 of The Blacklist honored a man named Tobias Core during the credits. "In memory of Tobias 'Toby' Core 1973-2021," the card read at the end of the episode. 

But who exactly was he? Read more about him, below.

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Who was Tobias Core on The Blacklist?

Tobias Core was a seasoned Hollywood carpenter who worked on 111 episodes of The Blacklist. According to ScreenRant, Core worked on smaller projects before becoming a full-time carpenter in 2005. His other credits include The Greatest ShowmanRoyal Pains, John Wick, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, The Amazing Spider-Man, Men in Black 3, Lipstick Jungle, War of the Worlds, and more, according to his IMBD page. 

Unfortunately, Core passed away in 2021. A cause of death was not made public. 

On March 10, 2021, Core's brother, stand-up comedian Christopher Gordon, posted a heartfelt Instagram tribute to his late brother, sharing throwback photos of him. 

"Toby Core was not just my brother. he was everyone's brother. as soon as you spoke to him, you wanted him to be a part of your life. extremely bright and talented, Toby was one of the most supportive souls i've ever met. if you were getting married? he was there. playing a gig? he'd show up. art show? he'd attend. he was so solid. and when push came to shove, he was always dependable. we'd spend hours, sometimes, days together just laughing, writing rhymes and bonding," he wrote in the caption.

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Raymond "Red" Reddington on The Blacklist Episode 501

He continued: "When my father was laid up in a hospital with kidney failure, without hesitation, Toby drove me all the way up north to see my dad. and when my visit with my dad got too emotional, Toby was there for me to hug and cry on his shoulder. we shared so many laughs and great times together. and for this alone, i will always be grateful to have had him in my life. Toby is still with us all, and shall remain in our hearts forever. a special memorial to celebrate Toby's life is in the works. please reach out to his amazing mother, Julie Core on Facebook, and provide her with your contact information so you can keep in the loop. and if you have any photos you'd like to share, please, send them to her too!
bless you, T-Nasty. i love you always."

Rest in peace, Tobias.