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Why John Legend Called Chance the Rapper "Sadistic" and a “Villain" on The Voice

All in good fun, of course. But things are definitely getting playfully heated during the Battles on The Voice Season 25!

By Benjamin Bullard

We’re not sure just how sorry to feel for John Legend after his latest epic standoff against Chance the Rapper on The Voice. After all, Legend’s not exactly hurting to score his first big win on the show, especially after locking in Season 16 winner Maelyn Jarmon back in 2019 to secure a permanent place of honor in the Coaches’ winners' circle.

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But things are admittedly looking a little bit rough for the Grammy-winning superstar as this season’s intrigue rolls along. After Chance hilariously upstaged Legend by singing an impromptu duet (using Legend’s own song!) with Season 25 Artist Nadège during Blind Auditions, Legend once again found himself right back where he started this week... on the outside looking in.

Right at the moment when Legend finally looked ready to steal at least one of Team Chance’s talented singers over to his side during the Battles round, Chance struck upon a “dastardly” way to keep his Coaching nemesis locked out of yet another golden opportunity. It’s just one more heartbreak this season for Legend, who’s quickly learning to cast a wary eye at the mounting threat from Team Chance.

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Watch The Voice Season 25 Battles: Chance the Rapper foils John Legend’s Steal attempt

Chance The Rapper sits in his coaches chair on The Voice 2508

Along with fellow Team Chance Artist Maddi Jane, Nadège had just let it rip this week with an inspired string of pitch-perfect vocal runs for the duo’s Battle round cover of “Can't Take My Eyes Off You" by Frankie Valli. And knowing that Chance could only chose one Artist to send along to the Knockouts, Legend could barely contain his excitement at finally swooping in to scoop up one of this season’s most promising Artists.

“I fought for both of you and I’m so jealous that you are not on Team Legend right now — aside from my team!” Legend hinted as he waited for Chance to decide. “I think you two have been my favorite because you’ve found your own ways of being yourself while also being great together. … I’m sitting here waiting to steal somebody, I’m telling you now!”

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Maybe Legend should’ve kept his stealing ambitions a little bit more of a secret — because the eager Coach only managed to get a few more words out before Chance used his own Playoff Pass to yank Nadège right out from under his nose.

“I’ve been telling her since the Blinds — ‘I love you Nadège! I think you have such a beautiful gift,’” Legend managed to stammer, just as Chance interrupted the Steal attempt by cashing in with a well-timed use of his Playoff Pass. It made for an awesomely dramatic TV moment, complete with Chance gloating over the victory while Legend, fully defeated, walked over to rain down a funny fake beatdown on the Season 25 Coach who’s swiftly turning into an (all in good fun) arch-rival.

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“It’s sadistic!” pleaded Legend cheekily as Chance basked in yet another big win. “Chance is a dastardly villain. He turned a knife in me! I was already in so much pain after losing [Nadège] to him in the Blinds… and he does it to me again. I think I need to understand that Chance is my ‘enemy’ now — simple as that!”