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“Wow, Wow, Wow”: How “Flawless” Asher HaVon’s “Insane” Range Won His Battle

Alyssa Crosby and Asher Havon dueled to the tune of Tina Turner's "We Don't Need Another Hero" on The Voice.

By Cassidy Ward

The Battles continued on The Voice Season 25 with a head-to-head sing-off between Alyssa Crosby and Asher HaVon, both from Team Reba (McEntire). Crosby and HaVon both harbor powerful voices, capable of commanding the stage all on their own. Queen Reba combined those voices and set them loose on Tina Turner’s “We Don’t Need Another Hero.”

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“It’s up-tempo, forceful, dynamic,” said McEntire. “Any Tina Turner song is hard to sing, and I wanted to see what they could do with it. They’re both great vocalists, this Battle is going to come down to how they perform, how the crowd responds to them. It could be either one of them.”

Alyssa Crosby and Asher HaVon sing “We Don’t Need Another Hero” on The Voice Season 25 Battles 

Asher Havon appears in Season 25 Episode 7 of The Voice

The stage lights came up, the music faded in, and HaVon crooned the opening line, his voice rich and full, before handing Crosby the musical baton. She sang the second line with a gritty, almost raspy tone. They passed the song back and forth, trading lines, each performer ratcheting the energy and power a little bit higher until they both came together in a powerful harmony.

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From there, it was like a vocal arms race, Crosby and HaVon each ramping up the sonic tension until it exploded into a beautiful musical unison. By the time the lights came up everyone was on their feet, the Coaches included.

“Asher, that was insane, dude, just your range and dynamic. Some of that lower stuff, I was blown away by it,” said Dan Smyers, one half of the Coach duo Dan + Shay. And he wasn’t the only Coach enamored by the performance.

“That was so, so good. Alyssa, you’ve made it clear that you’re a real Artist to be reckoned with,” said John Legend. “Asher, you sang flawlessly, your runs were amazing, your range is crazy. Reba should be very proud.”

“Alyssa, I turned for you because I believed in you, and you proved me right. You’re a great vocalist, you’ve got stage presence,” said McEntire.

And she said to HaVon, “Asher, I didn’t almost recognize you walking in here. The first time I saw you, you had straight hair, then curly hair, and now big hair. That’s all the stages of Reba McEntire and her hair. And your voice is wonderful, it makes you feel like a nice cozy blanket that you’ve been wrapped up in.”

Both vocalists turned in top-tier performances which might have earned either of them the top spot on any other night, but McEntire could only keep one.

“After the feedback from all of the other Coaches, the winner of this Battle is Asher,” McEntire said. “I wanted to keep both of them, but I’d already used my Playoff Pass. It was a really tough decision, but I had to choose Asher. His voice is incredible, his style, his stage presence, he’s got the whole package. Asher’s got a good chance of winning.”

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