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The "Fresh, Flavorful" Runs Lila Forde Did for Her Playoff Got Niall So Jealous

Niall Horan was very, very impressed with the Team Legend finalist. 

By James Grebey

When a Coach on The Voice is heaping praise on a contestant who is part of a different Coach’s team, that’s how you know it’s legit. Lila Forde is one of the three singers on John Legend’s team who advanced to the Live Shows, but it was Niall Horan who was the most effusive about the 24-year-old’s performance — and her potential. 

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For her Playoff performance, Forde opted to sing “Angel From Montgomery” by Bonnie Raitt and John Prine, which Legend thought was a fitting choice. During rehearsals, he encouraged the young singer to make sure the performance was building to something. “I want to hear the fire in your voice,” Legend said.

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“The key with this song is not to out-belt the other artists, but [to] put your own stamp on it and show us some passion as well,” he continued.

Lila Forde sings "Angel From Montgomery" by Bonnie Raitt and John Prine on The Voice Season 24 Playoffs

During her performance of the song, which was originally written and performed by Prine in 1971 but which is probably best known for Raitt’s cover three years later, Forde knocked it out of the park. Horan, from the jump, wished he had Forde on his team. 

 “Hello, producers? Can I have another steal, please?” Horan asked. (The producers did not respond.) “You are one of my favorite acts I’ve seen on The Voice.”

Lila Forde performs on the voice episode 2415

Later, speaking to the camera, Horan elaborated on his appreciation for Forde as a singer.

“Lila Forde… what could have been,” he said. “Outside of my team, [she’s] the best there is in this competition. I am in awe of everything she brings to this competition. If John moves her forward to the Live Shows, she’s definitely a threat to Team Naill — a threat that I’m okay with.”

Gwen Stefani also praised Forde, saying her style was “reminiscent of a ‘70s vibe, but that it doesn’t feel like Forde is merely copying the era’s stylings. 

“It flows through you so naturally and authentically that it’s exciting for someone like me to see a young girl who feels so authentic and pure,” she said.

Reba McEntire was similarly impressed, telling Legend that he had to keep her and that Forde was “the complete package” who had “a little category over here by yourself.”

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“You’ve just got a certain light about you,” Legend said of Forde. “The runs you do make these classic songs sound more modern, but they don’t take you out of the spirit of the song.”

When it was time to announce which three of the remaining six members of Team Legend would be advancing to the Live Shows, Legend first announced that R&B artist Mac Royals, who sang D’Angelo’s “Untitled (How Does It Feel)” would be moving on to the next round. Then, he announced that Forde would be going, too. AZÁN, who sang Miguel’s “Adorn,” rounded out Team Legend’s final three.

“I chose Lila because she has been magical every single round,” Legend said. “No one else like her in the competition. She’s just got such confidence and presence and that makes her really rare. Lila’s future is really bright on The Voice and beyond.”

If Horan really meant it when he said he was okay with the threat Forde posed to his team, we’ll find out when she competes against Team Niall — and all 11 of the other finalists — during the Live Shows. 

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