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The Office Kids! Jenna Fischer's Daughter & Oscar Nunez's Daughter Are Summer Camp Besties

The Dunder Mifflin crew is passing their friendship on to another generation.

By Matthew Jackson

The Office was on the air for nine seasons, and most of the core cast stuck around for that entire run, creating bonds that are still very much present. But as Jenna Fischer reveals, the friendship isn't just limited to the cast. Their kids are now in on it, too. 

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Speaking to People, Fischer, who played fan-favorite character Pam Beesly-Halpert on the hit sitcom, revealed that her nine-year-old daughter Harper has formed a close friendship with the daughter of another Office alum: Oscar Nuñez, better known to fans as Oscar from accounting. 

"My daughter and Oscar's daughter are friends," Fischer said. "They're the same age, and they don't go to the same school, but they've done the same summer camps in the summer. And they are good friends."

And of course, that's not the only familial bond between the children of Dunder Mifflin. Fischer's kids also spend a lot of time with the children of her own best friend and podcast co-host Angela Kinsey, who played Angela Martin for the entire run of the show. 

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"And then my kids and Angela's kids get together because Angela's my bestie," Fischer said. "And so, our kids aren't the same age, but they know each other very, very well."

Split of Jenna Fischer and Oscar Nuñez

Do Jenna Fischer's Kids Watch The Office?

For longtime fans of The Office, there's something very comforting and fun about knowing that the castmates are now sharing the love with their own families, including kids who weren't even around yet when the show ended its run. It also, of course, leads to the inevitable question: What do the kids think of the show? It's one of the most rewatched sitcoms you're ever going to find, so surely the children of its stars have dug in, right? In Fischer's case, not so much, at least not yet.

"They are not very interested," Fischer said of her daughter and her son, who's 12. "It's funny, my kids are still a little younger, and from what I understand, it really hooks people around middle school. So we'll have to see what happens in the next few years."

Luckily for Fischer, and for anyone else looking to introduced their kids to the beloved show, all nine seasons of The Office are now streaming on Peacock