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The Office Episode So Funny That John Krasinski Still Breaks 16 Years Later Watching Bloopers (WATCH)

Some jokes are timeless.

By Cassidy Ward

John Krasinksi became a household name during his time playing Jim Halpert on NBC’s breakout workplace comedy, The Office. In the years since the show went off the air, he’s kept busy with acting, writing, and directing. Most recently, Krasinksi has been cruising the press circuit promoting his latest screenwriting credit, the live action-animated mashup If.

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But along the way, Krasinski reminisced about his favorite Office moments. During a conversation on BBC 1 Radio, presenter Greg James played some bloopers from the infamous episode “Dinner Party,” which had Krasinski in stitches even 16 years after it first aired.

The “Dinner Party” Episode of The Office Still Makes John Krasinski Laugh

“Dinner Party” is a divisive episode among fans. It is one of the highest rated and most remembered episodes in the series. It’s 22 minutes of non-stop secondhand embarrassment pumping through your TV screen (32 minutes, if you’re watching the extended Superfan cut!), and the antics behind the scenes were even worse. While watching them back, Krasinski recounted how difficult it was to make that episode, because no one could stop laughing.

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“There I go, having a nervous breakdown,” Krasinski told James. “The rarity is that Steve’s going. Steve hardly ever went, he was so professional and so good.” BBC 1 Radio posted a clip of the conversation, including bloopers, on its Instagram feed.

The episode begins with everyone still at the office, working on an important project request from corporate. Michael specifically told everyone not to make plans so they could all work late. After an obviously fake phone call to corporate, Michael sends everyone home, then invites Jim and Pam over for dinner to celebrate. The whole thing was a not-so-clever ruse to get them over for a dinner party and, unfortunately, it worked.

At the end of a brief tour, Michael proudly displays a recent purchase. “I finally broke down and bought myself a plasma TV,” Michael says. Then the camera pulls back to reveal the world’s tiniest flat screen, little more than a tablet mounted to the wall. Michael then remarks that if he needed to make room for more guests, the TV pushes flush against the wall.

“I think this is one of the funniest physical jokes I’ve ever witnessed in my life, that the TV moves only a half an inch,” Krasinksi recalled. The rest of the evening descends into a chaos shrouded in the scents of Serenity by Jan candles and set to the tune of a suggestive ballad written by her previous assistant, Hunter. The tension is so thick at times that you’ll feel trapped with Michael and Jan yourselves, but it was apparently a blast to make.

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