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The Iconic Jim-Dwight Prank The Office Fans Are Still Pulling on Rainn Wilson 20 Years Later

The Office might be over, but one of the show's greatest pranks still follows Rainn Wilson.

By Matthew Jackson

Ask any longtime fan of The Office what their favorite part of the show is, and you'll get a few different answers. For some, it's the Jim and Pam romance, for others Michael Scott's endless antics, and still others it's the depth of the show's ensemble. Then there are Office fans who can't get enough of Jim's constant pranks on Dwight, and for Rainn Wilson, that's a legacy that still follows him all these years later. 

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Wilson, who played Dwight Schrute for nine seasons on the beloved NBC sitcom, is certainly no stranger to encounters with fans of The Office, but on a recent trip to Italy, someone took their fandom even further and echoed one of the show's most famous pranks. Last week, Wilson posted a picture from his hotel room in Florence revealing that the room service staff at the hotel had brought him cutlery encased in Jell-O. 

Putting Dwight's stuff in Jell-O is a prank that dates back to the very first episode of The Office, when Dwight opened his desk drawer to reveal a stapler fully enveloped in a yellow Jell-O mold. The prank, a carryover from the original British version of the series, has proven to be an enduring piece of the show's lore, and now it's chased Wilson halfway around the world. Speaking to People magazine over the weekend, Wilson explained he's slightly worried the Jell-O thing might become a bit of a problem. 

Some of Wilson's old Office co-stars loved the gag, with Ed Helms (Andy Bernard) commenting "Haha!!! That is so wonderful and funny!," while fellow Office alum Kate Flannery (Meredith Palmer) added several heart emojis in response.

"I'll go valet park, and then my car keys will be in Jell-O," he riffed. "And I'll go to a baseball game, and the baseball will be in Jell-O. And the list goes on and on. So I hope people cool it with the Jell-O jokes. That's all. Unless it's edible. I will eat my weight in Jell-O."

Wilson went on to joke that "I think it's time to move on" for fans of The Office who still want to remind him of his time as Dwight, and according to People he made it clear that he still takes the Jell-O jokes in stride. That said, it's worth noting for fans that there are plenty of other pranks to play on Wilson if he's getting tired of Jell-O. Who knows, one day he might wake up in a hotel room and find that all of his luggage has been put into the vending machine down the hall. 

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