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Susan Boyle Is So Overcome in Unseen Footage From Her Life-Changing Audition (VIDEO)

She almost fell into BGT hosts Ant and Dec.

By Elizabeth Logan

By now, everyone knows the story of Susan Boyle, the unlikely superstar who is one of Britain's Got Talent's greatest success stories.

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After her gobsmacking audition went unexpectedly viral in 2009, the Glasgow resident found herself with a legion of fans. But no one was more surprised about this turn of events than Susan herself, and you can feel her shock in previously unseen footage from right after her life-changing audition.

Susan Boyle was overcome after singing "I Dreamed A Dream"

Part of Boyle's charm — and the reason many underestimated her — was that she seemed so inexperienced. Case in point: Directly after finishing her song, she began to walk off stage, forgetting that she should stay to hear the Judges' reactions.

BGT hosts Ant and Dec sent her back out, and after she got three "yes" votes from Simon Cowell, Piers Morgan, and Amanda Holden ("Amanda! You too!" Boyle cheered), she went back into the wings, where she was so overwhelmed, she nearly fell into the two hosts.

Boyle is clearly emotional, wiping away tears, and in this previously unseen footage, you can hear Boyle repeating, "Oh my god, oh my god," so thrilled by the warm reception from the Judges and audience. "It feels as if I’m in a dream just now. I’ll tell you something, it’s the best feeling."

All three Judges loves Susan Boyle from the start

In more unseen footage, the Judges shared their initial post-show reactions to Boyle, with Morgan stating, "If the only Act that we came to Glasgow to see was Susan, it was a journey worth taking." Added Cowell, "There are rare moments when you do this show when someone completely captures the audience. And that’s what happened."

Holden called Boyle's pipes "One of the best voices I’ve ever heard on a stage," and pointed out that the singer was, if not polished, very confident: "She didn’t creep onto stage, she strutted onto stage. She knew what she was gonna sound like."

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Susan Boyle performs during the Donny & Marie variety show at the Flamingo Las Vegas October 17, 2012 in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Susan Boyle enjoyed her journey on Britain's Got Talent

Following her audition going viral, Boyle welcomed the positive attention from strangers. "Lots of people have been coming up to me, wishing me the best," she said, adding that the experience "made me realize I had a great more to offer… than people think I have."

A self-described "underdog," Boyle always liked singing in church and while doing chores, but never thought she'd get to perform for such a massive audience. "I’m an ordinary person who’s had an extraordinary experience," she said.

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She also revealed the emotional underpinning of the entire adventure. "My mother would be very proud of me just now. Before she died I promised my mother that I would do something with my singing. To do well would be the fulfillment of that promise. It would be the fulfillment of my ambition."

While Boyle finished second that season, after selling tens of millions of albums, she has more than kept that promise.