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The Unseen Way Sofie Dossi’s Dad Helped with Her “Life or Death” Finals Act

The young contortionist pulled off the unbelievable with just two weeks of practice during the AGT: Fantasy League Finals.

By Grace Jidoun

Self-taught contortionist Sofie Dossi is famous for her signature moves — twirling, twisting, and shooting an arrow from her feet while upside down — but her Finals performance on America's Got Talent: Fantasy League broke new ground. It was clear that after earning Heidi’s Golden Buzzer in the first round, she was determined to do something her own dad deemed “crazy”: Pirouetting upside down around a giant clock face — a prop Klum described as “the wheel of death.”

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It’s one thing to dream big about thrilling moves and new props and another much more significant accomplishment to make it happen. When NBC Insider caught up to Dossi on the red carpet recently, we learned she has a secret weapon behind the scenes: her dad!

Sofie Dossi’s Dad is Her Prop Builder

Mike Dossi has been a stalwart supporter of his daughter’s mesmerizing talents ever since she first began shooting arrows in their front yard as a young child, and he was involved in a big way with the Fantasy League set, making sure it was just as safe as it was thrilling.

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“It’s a new prop that we had to build. My dad’s, you know, wonderful. He’s been helping me build it. He’s helped me build all my props, and he’s been doing incredible at this one,” she said.

Under normal circumstances, Dossi would have months of practice to get comfortable with a new routine, build her stamina, and master the moves. But the 22-year-old told NBC Insider that time was (literally) of the essence, and she pulled the routine together much faster than usual.

“We came up with something and I said, no one had seen this before at all… I haven’t seen this before. And it’s very scary, it’s very dangerous, and by the time I performed, it’s only two weeks of me training at it," she explained.

What Happened During Sofie Dossi’s AGT: Fantasy League Finals Performance?

We knew the stakes were higher the second we saw her atop the circular platform twelve feet off the ground. Instead of using a typical gymnast bar, Dossi swung herself into a handstand on metal poles, twisting her entire body back. As the crowd erupted in screams, the platform tilted into the shape of a giant clock face studded with balancing rods around the circular edge. “Tick tock, tick tock!” yelled Klum from the Judge’s table as the clock began to rotate, and Dossi hopped on her hands around the circle, all while remaining upside down.

Even her dad, who helped build the set, seemed nervous about the new routine. However, when asked about her performance on the red carpet, Dossi exuded confidence, taking it all in stride. She said it’s all “about the smaller techniques,” which she clearly has mastered.

“I feel like for this performance, you know, it’s all about presence and how it’s executed. It requires a ton of precision. Like literally an inch. If I’m an inch off, it fully matters. It could mean life or death. So, you know, I’m really excited for this performance and for everyone to see it,” she said.

What fuels this young woman’s unstoppable determination? In the Fantasy League Finals, we get a clue. Dossi’s defeat on Season 11 of America’s Got Talent — when she finished in the bottom five of the top 10 — is motivating her to win.

“I know how it feels to not hear your name and not go through, but this is my chance to change that ending. It’s time to take it all the way," the star concluded.

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