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Silas Reveals That Gavin's Parents Are Alive on La Brea

We weren't expecting that, either!

By Jackie Manno
Silas and Gavin on La Brea

There’s no doubt that Gavin on La Brea is a character with many question marks. However, in Season 2, Episode 2, viewers were left with a shocking revelation about Gavin’s origins. 

What do we know about Gavin (a.k.a. Isaiah) so far?

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In the first season, we learned that Gavin was abandoned as a child at a church in 1988, who then contacted CPS to eventually give him to his adoptive parents. Gavin also pieced together that his mysterious visions weren’t really “visions” at all but flashbacks from his childhood.

By now, we also know that Isaiah is Silas’s grandson and is actually Gavin as a child. Further, Silas told Isaiah that his parents died when he was young. However, Silas also warned the young boy that he is not allowed to talk about his past. Luckily, Isaiah eventually makes it through the portal that leads to 1988 so he can grow up to become Gavin, meet Eve, and have Josh and Izzy.

Fast-forward (or backwards) to when a full-grown Gavin traveled back to 10,000 B.C to reunite with his family. He and Izzy emerged through another sinkhole in Seattle, only to find that Josh has also gone through the portal to 1988 and that Eve had been captured by The Exiles.

What went down between Gavin and Silas?

When Gavin confronted Silas, they recognized each other immediately. Silas then agreed to lead Gavin to The Exiles’s whereabouts so he can rescue Eve. Gavin, still wary about Silas’s intentions, interrogated his grandfather on what he knows about his past.

“Why did we live in that village? Where do we come from? What happened to my parents?” Gavin asked. Silas then casually told Gavin that his parents died, without revealing when or how. Then, after Silas saved Gavin’s life from a bear, the two had a heartfelt talk where they talk about their families.

“My whole life I never really knew who I was, where I came from. Can you imagine what that’s like? You gotta at least tell me how they died,” Gavin pleaded.

“Your mother was the single most important person in my life,” Silas responded. “She told me to care for you. To protect you. To tell you only what you needed to know to survive until she could see you again.”

This statement took Gavin by surprise. “You’re saying she’s alive?” he inquired. Silas nodded, and then added that his father is still alive too.

The shocking revelation caused Gavin to leap up in amazement; however, Silas warned his grandson that looking for his parents could lead to his death, and that he told Gavin they were not alive in order to protect him.

“If my parents are down here, then I deserve the truth!” Gavin exclaimed in frustration.

“You do. But I made a promise and I intend to keep it,” said Silas mysteriously.

Silas ultimately ends up leading Gavin to The Exiles  but not before betraying his trust in a major way.

After Gavin escaped from The Exiles in Season 2, Episode 4, Aldridge revealed that Gavin’s parents are scientists who helped create Lazarus, the building in 10,000 B.C. 

Later, in 1988, we see Josh and Riley get introduced to the head of the Geology Department at The California Institute of Technology, a woman named Caroline. Franklin Marsh, a man who has expert knowledge on sinkholes, instructed Josh and Riley to talk to Caroline about his research on tidal waves. 

When Josh and Riley are introduced to Caroline, she immediately became defensive, accusing them of working for a man named James. Josh and Riley were confused and explained their situation. They were accidentally sucked into a portal after sending a young boy named Isaiah from 10,000 B.C to 1988, while his grandfather Silas tried to stop them. Josh then revealed that Isaiah is his future father. Putting the pieces together, Caroline said that Isaiah is her son, and that she is Josh’s grandmother. 


In Season 2, Episode 5, Gavin, Eve, and Izzy travel towards The Exiles to find fuel for the tower’s portal. Gavin explains to Izzy that his mom is a scientist and is going to help them. “Your mom is in 1988. That doesn’t make sense,” Izzy said in confusion. 

“All I know is that I spent my entire life trying to figure out where my parents came from, and now maybe we can get Josh back,” Gavin responded, still not knowing all the answers himself. 

We later see Caroline back in 1988 at Child Protective Services with Josh and Riley spying on her from a distance. Caroline introduced Isaiah to a young couple, Curtis and Amanda Harris, who Josh recognized as his grandparents. 

“I don’t remember anything before a few days ago, but I feel like I know you from somewhere.” Isaiah said to Caroline when she asked to speak with him in private.

“Well you’re right. We do know each other. Just from a long time ago,” Caroline responded mysteriously, adding that she wished she could adopt him herself. “But you’re meant to go with my friends. One day I hope you’ll understand. Until then, there’s no one I trust more. You’re 'gonna have a great life with them,” she said with tears in her eyes. 

After Caroline left the building, Josh and Riley caught up to her. “Those people back there, your friends, those are my father’s adoptive parents. How did you know that?” Josh interrogated. 

“You told me Isaiah grows up to be a man named Gavin Harris. It all makes sense,” Caroline said. “I knew where he was supposed to go."

Fan Theories Revealed | NBC’s La Brea

In Season 2 Episode 6, when Gavin finally managed to enter Aldridge’s tower after being brought in by guards, a man named James approached him and revealed something major: He is Gavin’s father. 

“I haven’t seen you since you were an infant,” James said to Gavin. James then explained that he dreamt up the Lazarus building to help fix the world so Gavin would have a better future. He also informed Gavin that their family is from Los Angeles in the year 2076. When Gavin was a young child, he used to spend time in the Lazarus building, but he was too young to remember. 

Caroline, Gavin’s mother, is in 1988 trying to stop the Lazarus from creating more sinkholes. The project tore the family apart, something that James deeply regretted. To compensate, James asked Gavin to stay with him at the Lazarus tower. However, Gavin doesn’t feel as if he can trust James due to the fact that Silas took him away from James as a young child. 

James pleaded for a second chance, only for Silas to later say to James, “All that Gavin needs to know is that you’re dangerous."

Gavin becomes infuriated when he learned that James lied about the portal in Lazarus not leading to 1988. James then offered to help Gavin get Josh back and led him to the portal.

“You searched for your son for years. Why did you just let him go?” one scientist asked James after Gavin disappeared into the portal.

“Because if I didn’t, he’d never come back to me,” James responded. 

To see what happens next, watch La Brea on NBC Tuesdays at 9/8c and next day on Peacock.  

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