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Quantum Leap Shocker: Hannah is [SPOILER] in Latest Leap - What Does It Mean for Ben?

Quantum Leap returns from break with another heartbreaker for Ben and Hannah. 

By Tara Bennett

Spoilers for Quantum Leap Episode 9, "Off the Cuff"

After the romance of Ben (Raymond Lee) and Hannah's (Eliza Clark) third meeting in time for an adventure in Egypt during his last leap, Quantum Leap's first episode back from break surprised the couple (and us) with a very unexpected twist. "Off the Cuff" — which is the show's clever riff on the classic action/comedy, Midnight Run — has Ben leaping into the body of bounty hunter, Nick Peterson in April 1970.

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Happening nine years after Ben's last leap, this mission affords him the chance to chase up leads on Hannah's life while trying to get Kevin Zatt (David Clayton Rogers), the thief, back to his bondswoman.

Looking for a hideout, Kevin leads them to his brother's home where Ben discovers Hannah...and she's married with a kid!

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Ben Song finds out Hannah has gotten married

Ben Song (Raymond Lee) appears in Season 2 Episode 9 of Quantum Leap

Poor Ben. He can't catch a break with these time jumps that are completely obliterating his love life and heart. First it was his fiancé and hologram guide, Addison (Caitlin Bassett). At the start of Season 2, Ben discovered she had moved on with new love Tom Westfall (Peter Gadiot) after thinking Ben was dead after he disappeared for three years. And now, after meeting and falling for fellow physics nerd, Hannah, in several of his leaps, to find out she decided to pursue a new relationship and start a family is a lot to take in.

Even Addison is shaken by the turn of events. On one hand, she's got possible good news to share with him regarding a discovered drive that may have code to get Ben back home. But she's also thrown by the idea that he might be coming home...when she's in a happy relationship with Tom. 

Caitlin Bassett discusses Addison's choice to not tell Ben some things

Addison on Quantum Leap episode 4 season 2

Actress Caitlin Bassett recently told NBC Insider that this episode marks a turning point for Addison. Describing her character's position of often being reactive to situations and Ben's choices, "Off the Cuff" lets Addison make some decisions about what's best for the whole team. "What's really cool about this episode, and forward, is you start seeing her make decisions that other people have to deal with, which is very fun as an actor," she shared. "And then also, as a woman, it feels so empowered."

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In making the call to not tell Ben about the potential code that could theoretically bring him home, Bassett said that Addison has observed the emotional roller coaster that Ben is experiencing with Hannah, as she is feeling it too. And she doesn't want Ben to lose hope altogether when he's still got to leap. So she tells Magic they should wait.

"The best I can do is lean in because nobody wants to watch somebody be hesitant all the time. It's exhausting. So, make decisions and make mistakes, and then own them if they were a mistake," she said about Addison's choice. "I think that's more fun and more relatable. And again, has more agency."

The big engagement moment for Addison and Tom

A close-up of Addison being held by Tom Westfall while looking into each other's eyes.

Bassett said Addison's new approach is also in effect when she reveals to Tom that she knows he's got an engagement ring for her, and she immediately says yes to his spontaneous bended knee proposal. "Addison said to herself, 'I'm going to live and I'm gonna stop feeling bad.' Which was great fun to play," the actress added. 

Having worked through her conflicted feelings about Ben falling for Addison, Bassett said her character came to some important realizations. "You can be empathetic and set boundaries, and you can still love somebody and recognize that, that time can't exist anymore," she said of finding resolution with Ben. "It is growing up."

It doesn't hurt that Tom, like Hannah, are great people and want the best for their new partners. Bassett said she's had a great experience building Addison and Tom's romance this season. 

"Luckily, Ben and Tom — Ray and Peter, respectively — they're very different gentlemen and very different actors which we really helps," she said of making the relationships distinct. "I'm so glad they didn't get me like a Raymond Lee copy. They're so different than Addison and Ben so that helped a lot. I gotta give props to Peter being just a spectacular scene partner and friend. We built something together which was really cool."

What's next for Ben?

Ben Song (Raymond Lee) appears in Season 2 Episode 9 of Quantum Leap

At episode's end, after Ben says goodbye to Hannah,  Addison finds out via Ziggy that Hannah's new husband Josh will die in 18 months. Before he has the chance to warn Hannah, he leaps. Two big questions remain. One) will Ian (Mason Alexander Park) figure out that code quickly to rescue Ben from the system, and two) will Ben leap into the near future so he can see Hannah one more time? Are they destined now that she may be a widow? We shall see...

Quantum Leap is back on Tuesday nights at 10 p.m. ET/PT on NBC and the next day on Peacock

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