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Maya Rudolph Lip Synced So Hard She Lost an Earring in This Hilarious Challenge

The two Saturday Night Live co-stars put their improv skills to the test, with Rudolph nearly glitching during a Busta Rhymes verse.

By Christopher Rudolph

It's always a special occasion when Saturday Night Live legend Maya Rudolph returns to 30 Rockefeller Center.

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On March 26, the Loot star visited The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. While the two former SNL cast members reminisced about their time together on the late night sketch series, Jimmy Fallon also put their improv and acting skills to the test in a hilarious new game called Lip Sync Roulette.

Similar to Wheel of Musical Impressions, Lip Sync Roulette is even more choatic—because competitors aren't just given songs, but viral online moments, too.

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But first, the rules. "We'll hit this button here which will activate the lip sync generator," Fallon said, pulling out a giant purple button. "It will land on a random speech, monologue, or song. We have no idea what it will be, we have not rehearsed, we have not seen these before. Whoever's turn it is has to lip sync the best they can."

Fallon was first up, and when he pushed the button it landed on Viral "Dream" Interview Kid, which had The Tonight Show Host mouthing along to Joe Cirkiel, whose rambling interview as a child took on a new life as a meme.

"What was that? Never heard him. He's cute," Fallon said after he finished.

"You know what? He's 45," Rudolph joked.

Maya Rudolph and Jimmy Fallon smile at the audience

Watch Maya Rudolph play a hilarious game of Lip Sync Roulette on The Tonight Show

When it was Rudolph's turn to push the big purple button, she got Blabbering TikTok Baby, which resulted in her making a variety of funny faces while trying to keep up with the talking toddler.

The next round brought songs like "Informer," the 1993 reggae classic by Snow, which Fallon knew every word to—he even got up to dance behind his desk.

Rudolph wasn't so familiar with her next (extremely difficult) pick: Busta Rhyme's rap verse from Chris Brown's "Look at Me Now," which had her frantically trying to keep up with Rhyme's super fast rapping.

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"That was a little too hard," admitted the Bridesmaids actress.

"This last one, it's going to be two voices and we're going to lip sync together," said Fallon as he came out from behind his desk and joined Rudolph on the couch. Rudolph got so into their mouthed duet of "Mockingbird" by Carly Simon and James Taylor that one of her earrings fell off (it's at the 5:07 mark, and Rudolph kept performing like a pro). 

Even a wardrobe malfunction can't stop the two former SNL stars as they show off their serious lip-syncing skills.