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Kelly Clarkson Reveals Why She Thinks This Coach Will Win The Voice Season 24

Clarkson, who's returning as Coach for Season 25, had thoughts on who she thinks will be this season's victor.

By Jackie Manno

Kelly Clarkson has thoughts about the Artists and Coaches on Season 24 of The Voice.

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On September 23, when Clarkson was doing an Instagram Live from her account, she answered a question that many of us have been wondering: "Do you hope that Reba [McEntire] will win this Season of The Voice?" Clarkson said while reading a fan's comment. "Heck yeah!" she promptly responded. 

She continued: "If there's a great country singer on [Reba's] team, she's gonna be hard to beat. Cause she is the queen of country music. I thought that was a very smart play. I remember finding out that she was coming in when Blake [Shelton] was leaving, and I was like: 'That's really the only way to go. You'd have to go legend status, because it's hard to fill Blake's shoes."

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Kelly Clarkson Reba Creepy Doll

Kelly Clarkson talks about Blake Shelton leaving The Voice

In a February interview with NBC Insider, when Clarkson was a Coach on The Voice for Season 23, she discussed her feelings about Shelton's departure from the show. 

"I actually have been talking to Blake a bit about this being his last season, and I'm like, 'It's not gonna hit you until afterwards. It's gonna hit you. It's been a part of your life for so long. And it's gonna hit you after,'" she told us.

She continued: "I think he knows that, but I also think he knows that it's time. He's been doing it a long time, and I think it's a really cool way that we all know he's leaving so we get the time to, like — I mean, I can't stand him, but I also love him. So we get the time to actually, like, lift him up and say how great he is. He is the ultimate Coach on this show. Everybody knows that. He's won the most, and he, honest to God, helps the Artists afterwards. And it's an incredible thing that he's done for so many Artists. It's a loss for The Voice."

Split image of Kelly Clarkson and Blake Shelton

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However, Clarkson is clearly excited about McEntire being Shelton's replacement, and Shelton feels the same way himself. In fact, in a September interview with NBC Insider, McEntire revealed that Shelton encouraged her to take the role as Coach on the show. 

"There were lots of little times where I thought this would be a lot of fun to get to do," she told us. "I'd gotten to do it before with Blake [as a Mega Mentor and Battle Advisor]. When we were filming with Blake's team [in Season 23], he said, 'You really ought to come on and do this. You'd have fun.' He was really encouraging me to do it."