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Joe Manganiello Brought His Adorable Dog Bubbles to Deal or No Deal Island

"I am a humble Chihuahua dad," he told the jungle gods while protecting his dog, Bubbles.

By Christopher Rudolph

Jungles are scary for anyone, but especially an adorable little Chihuahua.

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On February 27, Joe Manganiello appeared on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon to talk about hosting Deal or No Deal Island. The show takes the classic format of Deal or No Deal and gives it a major twist, by transforming it into an action-packed adventure competition series set on the Banker's private island. Manganiello hosts Deal or No Deal Island as the Banker's "personal gaming liaison," leading the contestants through the season as they compete to win the biggest prize in Deal or No Deal history.

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While discussing Manganiello's past involvement in reality TV—and how he was almost cast on Survivor back in the day—Host Jimmy Fallon mentioned Manganiello's dog, Bubbles, who he'd brought to The Tonight Show.

"Your dog Bubbles is very cute," Fallon said, as he shared a picture of Manganiello in the pool with his pup. "She didn't growl at me at all tonight. She kind of loved me. I think she trusts me because I don't try too hard. She's the cutest dog."

Not only does the Magic Mike actor bring Bubbles to talk shows with him, he also took her to the tropical set of Deal or No Deal Island.

The Banker Drops the First Briefcases | Deal or No Deal Island | Sneak Peek | NBC

How Joe Manganiello saved his dog from a spider while filming Deal or No Deal Island

"How dare you bring her to this scary jungle," said Fallon, jokingly scolding his guest. 

Manganiello explained how during filming, Bubbles the Chihuahua was the "exterminator on the island," killing a scorpion that was in his shoe, and another one that was under a treadmill at the gym.

In fact, it was during a workout session at the gym where Bubbles found herself in the path of one of the island's dangerous creatures.

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Joe Manganiello on the Kelly Clarkson Show holding his dog Bubbles

"I put Bubbles in a little basinet when I work out, like a little pet carrier. She watches me work out, and then there's this big spider coming," Manganiello told Fallon. "I'm a guest in the jungle. I know if I kill something in the jungle, the jungle may retaliate. So I had to have a talk with the jungle gods, and I was like, jungle gods I'm about to take one of your own. Do not blame me, do not retaliate. I am a humble chihuahua dad. And the jungle let me leave."

Thankfully, no Bubbles were harmed in the filming of Deal or No Deal Island.

Kamari Love, Joe Manganiello, and Ben Crofchick pose near briefcases in Deal or No Deal Episode 101.

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