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Jimmy Fallon on Kevin McCarthy's Tenure As House Speaker: "I've Been to Phish Concerts Longer Than That"

Fallon's October 3 monologue also highlighted a strange sketch Trump shared of himself in court next to Jesus Christ and sang a song in character as the French president.

By Samantha Vincenty

There was plenty of news for Jimmy Fallon to unpack in his October 3 monologue opening The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon: First up, House Speaker Kevin McCarthy's historic ousting after just nine months in the position. 

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"Nine months. Even Aaron Rodgers was like, 'damn, that was fast,'" Fallon joked. "Nine months, I've been to Phish concerts longer than that." Fallon went on to show a highlight reel of Kevin McCarthy's greatest moments as Speaker of the House, which solely consisted of the unpopular politician banging a gavel once. 

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Fallon jokes about Trump's Manhattan fraud trial and Paris's bed bug infestation

In a less pressing yet equally-wild update, Fallon pointed out that following his October 2 appearance in a Manhattan court for his business fraud trial, former President Donald J. Trump shared a picture of Jesus Christ sitting next to him in the courtroom. "When Jesus saw that, he was like, 'ohhh my dad,'" said Fallon.

Jimmy fallon during his monologue on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon episode 1845

Pointing to headlines stating Trump's complained about not having a jury in his trial (despite never having asked for one), Fallon added, "To be fair, Trump can't have a jury of his peers. I mean, where are they gonna get twelve bankrupt former reality show hosts?" 

Fallon then sang a song about Paris's current bed bug infestation, delivered in character as French president Emmanuel Macron. Or, at least, as *a* French president who dons a beret and carries around a baguette and glass of wine. Ooh, la la!

Watch Fallon's entire October 3 Tonight Show monologue above, which also features a game of WePost, the game where the audience picks which update Fallon should post to X, formerly known as Twitter.