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Jerry Seinfeld Explains Why "Garbage Time" with His Kids Is Better Than "Quality Time"

"I am a very happy person hating everything throughout my entire life. That's how I would describe myself," the comedian said in an extremely Seinfeld rant.

By Christopher Rudolph

Forget quality time with your kids — Jerry Seinfeld says it's all about "garbage time."

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During a March 27 appearance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, the comedian and Seinfeld icon talked about his unique style of parenting, and his preferred way of bonding with his three children Sascha, 23, Julian, 21, and Shepherd, 18.

"I always talk about being a parent: People talk about quality time. I like to talk about 'garbage time.' Bowl of cereal at 11:00 at night? That's garbage time," Seinfeld explained to Jimmy Fallon

When it comes to his sacred garbage time, "that's the best. What I don't like is vacationing, family vacationing. I hate it. I hate going! My wife hates going with me. The kids hate going. I still go, because what is the difference of doing one more thing I don't like on top of not liking anything anyway?"

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"I am a very happy person hating everything throughout my entire life. That's how I would describe myself," he added, ending his extremely Seinfeld rant.

Jerry Seinfeld on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon on Episode 1949

Jimmy Fallon has a song on the soundtrack of  Jerry Seinfeld's new movie

"You love Pop-Tarts," said Fallon, mentioning a joke about the toaster treats in Seinfeld's comedy act.

"I do. I really love them," he replied. "I wanted to write the best joke about Pop-Tarts, because I grew up on Pop-Tarts. It's the first thing you can make hot when you're a kid. It's like cooking. So I wanted to write the greatest Pop-Tart bit so no other comedian would ever talk about Pop-Tarts."

Seinfeld's love for Pop-Tarts is what sparked the idea for his new movie Unfrosted, which he directs and stars in. The Tonight Show even plays a small part in the film, when Seinfeld's character goes on The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson to talk Tart.

"As a little nod, your character goes on Johnny Carson at one point. Which I don't even know how you did that," said Fallon. "How did you do that?"

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"We rebuilt this exact stage from the old Johnny Carson New York Tonight Show. Which was right here in this studio," revealed Seinfeld. "[Comedian[ Kyle Dunnigan does a great impression of Carson and then we face replaced him. So here's me on The Tonight Show in 1963. You can't tell it's not Carson," he explained, showing a picture of him from the movie.

Tom Selleck during an interview with Johnny Carson on The Tonight Show.

"I loved it. I think Johnny would have loved it," said Fallon, who also is featured on the film's soundtrack, singing an original song, "Sweet Morning Heat" with Meghan Trainor. "It's a bop. It's so good. I'm honored to be on it."

Maybe Pop-Tarts will replace cereal as Seinfeld's midnight snack of choice.