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Here's How to Correctly Pronounce Jesse L. Martin's Dog's Adorable Name

The Irrational star says his dog is "the coolest little guy in the world."

By Joe Dziemianowicz

As a behavioral science expert at the heart of NBC’s The Irrational, Jesse L. Martin sniffs out suspects like a bloodhound.

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But when he’s not in character as Alec Mercer in the series, which returns with new episodes on Jan. 29 on NBC, the amiable actor is apt to be found with a different breed of pooch.

Martin’s canine BFF is a Border Collie-Australian Shepherd-Poodle mix named Romeo. In fact, this pup, he said in an interview, is one of his “favorite subjects” to discuss.

Here's what Martin had to say about the fur baby and his special place in his life.

Jesse L. Martin Talks About His Pet Dog

Back in 2012, Martin, who made an indelible impression as Det. Ed Green on Law & Order, told Page Six that if he didn’t find a romantic partner, he’d “settle for a dog.”

Talk about manifestation. Flash-forward a dozen years, and Martin is gushing about his pet dog. He told NBC Insider that “besides sleeping, because I do love sleeping, I love being able to play with my dog. I love Romeo. Shout out to Romeo.”

Jesse L Martin smiles for photos on a red carpet

Like every doting dad with a fur buddy, Martin makes a point about how to correctly address his dog.

The pet’s name is technically pronounced  Ro-may-o, like the classic Italian sports car, Martin explained. But, he added “people want to say his name” Ro-me-o, like one of Shakespeare’s star-crossed lovers.

The animal is accommodating, though.

“He’ll answer to both,” said Martin. “He’s the coolest little guy in the world.”

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Romeo also has it going on in the looks department, thanks to his fetching coat pattern.

“His color is what they call merle, which means he has all kinds of spots and colors,” said Martin. “Like grays and browns and whites.”

Romeo’s other special characteristic: His brain. “He’s probably the smartest thing I’ve ever met,” said Martin. “You want to talk about something smart? That dog’s smart.”

Then again, the same goes for Alec Mercer, who teaches college when he’s not solving a case. So far we’ve seen him crack kidnappings, homicides, poisonings, and other high-stakes situations. All the while Alec has been slowly but surely recovering memories clouded by a deadly criminal explosion 20 years earlier. What’s the next twisty challenge for Mercer?

Find out when The Irrational returns Jan. 29. The show airs Mondays at 10/9c on NBC and streams the next day on Peacock.