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Is Dan Fielding Dating Anyone on the New Night Court?

Is the former ladies' man Dan Fielding single or cuffed on the new Night Court, which airs Tuesdays on NBC?

By Jackie Manno
Premiere Leak | NBC's Night Court

On the OG Night Court, Dan Fielding was known for his womanizing ways. But in the new series, it looks like the Casanova has turned over a new leaf. So, is he currently seeing anyone on the new Night Court?

Is Dan Fielding dating anyone on the new Night Court?

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Dan is currently single, although he isn’t exactly living what one would call the bachelor life. Dan was quite the ladies’ man in his original Night Court days, but he settled down and changed his ways once he married his wife Sarah, who has since passed away.

However, in Season 1, Episode 4, Dan doesn’t know what to do with all the female attention he’s getting. Although Abby tries to push him to put himself out there, he insists that his dating days are behind him. “My heart is closed for business; I’ve had the great romance of my life, that’s more than most people get” he said. 

That is, until he meets a charming woman, Julianne (Wendy Malick), and the two exchange phone numbers. Dan is hesitant at first, but he eventually decides to arrange a date with her. His first one in 27 years.

But the date doesn’t go too well. He yells boat facts at her, but she surprisingly decides to keep hanging. Later in the date, Dan begins to recall memories of his late wife.

“I wanted to make her happy. Before Sarah, I couldn’t imagine putting anyone’s needs ahead of mine. But she changed me. I mean, the old me would have been very much into this, but I’m a different man now. I realize there’s more to life…,” he says. 

Julianne soon cuts him off and reveals that she only approached him in the first place to get revenge on him for a case that happened 30 years ago. (More specifically, he prosecuted her for setting her ex-boyfriend’s house on fire.) However, she gets too irritated with his monologue, then promptly leaves.

“I just wanted you to find somebody. Being alone seems kinda hard,” Abby told Dan the next day.

“Sometimes,” Dan mused.

But will Dan ever find love again? To find out, watch Night Court Tuesdays at 8/7c on NBC. Episodes of the show will stream the next day on Peacock