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Found's Bombshell Revelation About Annie's Fate Has Finally Dropped — The Shocking Reveal, Explained

Sir's fate hangs in the balance once Gabi "has nothing to avenge" after learning what really happened to Stephanie "Annie" Lopez.

By Jax Miller

They say the truth will set you free, but as for Founds conclusion about the mysterious Annie, Sir’s captivity remains the same.

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A woman on a mission, Gabi Mosely (Shanola Hampton), has devoted her spare time to finding a previous kidnapping victim taken by Hugh Evans, the man also known as Sir (Mark-Paul Gosselaar). Annie, revealed in Found Season 1, Episode 10 as high school student Stephanie “Annie” Lopez, left notes for any of Sir’s would-be captives, including young Gabi (Azaria Carter).

What became of Annie has been one of the series’ most puzzling mysteries so far, and in Episode 11, Gabi finally found answers.

Who was“Annie” on Found?

Like young Gabi, Annie was enrolled at the high school where Sir worked as an English Literature teacher two decades earlier. But 69 days into Gabi’s captivity — after Sir drove away from the house — Annie returned, her face appearing in the kitchen window and with a red ribbon tied in her hair.

Annie promised Gabi she’d get help, but never returned.

Later that evening, young Gabi was reading from one of her and Sir’s scripted dinnertime conversations when the captor revealed a red ribbon. Sir let the ribbon fall onto the table, explaining that he “stopped her from ruining our life” and alluded to killing Gabi’s would-be heroine.

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The red ribbon would reappear in several Found episodes, a means for Sir to keep young Gabi compliant.

Gabi Mosely on Found Episode 10 of Season 1

“I bought a red ribbon, like the one Annie was wearing, and I showed it to you, implying that I killed her in order to keep you under control, and it worked,” Sir told Gabi in the recent episode. “Yes, I am a masterful puppeteer, but I am not a killer.”

Gabi deprived Sir of whole portions of food and longer restraints, hoping Sir would divulge where he buried the missing teen.

“You will tell me what you really did to Annie,” demanded Gabi.

Sir maintained he had never actually murdered Annie, as he previously led Gabi to believe, but Gabi was less than convinced.

Gabi wondered why any “decent” person wouldn’t have returned to save Gabi, as Annie had promised, unless Sir permanently silenced her. Sir raised his voice, explaining Gabi’s “mistake” was believing that Annie was a decent person in the first place.

“The truth is, she is unwell,” said Sir. “Annie only cares about Annie. Her wants, her desires.”

To Gabi, Sir was only describing himself.

“I am going to find the truth, and when I do, I will make you pay for me and Annie,” Gabi avowed.

What really happened to Annie?

Gabi looked to her trusted ally, Detective Mark Trent (Brett Dalton), to investigate any cold cases related to Stephanie “Annie” Lopez. Later, Trent called Gabi to say that the news of what he uncovered wasn’t so great.

“I’m sorry, Gabi, Annie Lopez is dead,” he said.

The discovery came as little surprise to Gabi, who’d long assumed Sir buried Annie’s body somewhere near the isolated farmhouse about 20 years earlier. However, learning that Annie died only two years earlier was quite a shock for the show’s protagonist.

Detective Mark Trent on Found Episode 10 of Season 1

Trent clarified that Annie died on the scene of a drunk driving accident and that there was no record to suggest Annie was ever kidnapped.

“The only other thing on her record is that she spent some time in a mental health facility in late 2001, early 2002,” said Trent, which would have been somewhere around the time Annie was kept in Sir's quarters.

Later, Gabi confronted Sir after piecing together that Annie was “committed” to a mental health facility during the interim between when she escaped captivity and returned to help Sir’s latest victim.

“After you let her go, somehow, you convinced them that she was crazy and making things up,” Gabi told Sir. “You destroyed her life.”

Meanwhile, Sir voiced his beliefs that institutionalization was better than what Annie deserved.

“That day she returned, I told her that if she ever came back, I would ensure that her parents locked her away for good this time,” said Sir. “Needless to say, the threat worked; she stayed away.”

“While everybody around me has been healing, I let you drag me into Hell,” Gabi told Sir. “All I was holding on to was a chance to avenge Annie, and now there is nothing to avenge.”

Armed with the truth of Annie’s fate, it seemed Gabi was “done” with her captor-turned-captive, calling an unknown person on the phone and inviting them to come over, adding, “It’s about Sir.”

See what happens next as Found continues, airing Tuesdays at 10/9c on NBC and streaming the next day on Peacock.

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