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Jimmy Fallon Learned Eddie Redmayne's Cabaret Choreo But Couldn't Nail This Move

Chaos ensued when The Tonight Show Host learned a bit of Kit Kat Club choreography.

By Christopher Rudolph

Eddie Redmayne turned Studio 6B into the Kit Kat Club.

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On May 20, the Fantastic Beasts actor swung by The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon to talk about his Tony-nominated role as the Emcee in the current hit revival of Cabaret on Broadway. The Emcee was previously brought to life Joel Grey in the Oscar-winning 1972 movie adaptation of Cabaret, and subsequent stars including Alan Cumming.

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Redmayne is the current Cabaret king on Broadway, but could Jimmy Fallon be the next celebrity to kick it up at the Kit Kat Club? Judging from Redmayne's dance tutorial, probably not.

Eddie Redmayne speaks with Jimmy Fallon on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon Episode 1977.

When their conversation turned to Cabaret, Fallon asked Redmayne about the "professional clown school" he attended to prepare to play Emcee.

"So I... basically wanted to go and throw myself into the mix. And I applied at this school in Paris which is called Lecoq, and it's a famous clowning, physical theater school," said Redmayne. "But it was a course for people who were professional actors. And I arrived, and the teachers were French, and these two extraordinary doyenne, French teachers, and all of these actors. And the first thing we had to do was stand up, put on masks, and do an improvisation."

"I stood up and I think I had sort of just started. I'd inched into doing an improvisation," he continued. "And before I'd said about three words, they were like, 'No, no, no, no!' And they sat me down and they told me how horrendous it was. So it was ritual humiliation, but it was secretly kind of rewarding, kind of like a sort of masochistic kind of training."

Eddie Redmayne tries to teach Jimmy Fallon some Cabaret choreography

When Redmayne comes by The Tonight Show, he likes to teach Fallon some choreography from his latest project. This was time was no exception.

"You always bring a little something to teach me. And tonight you brought these little hats," Fallon said, taking out the party hats Redmayne wears in Cabaret.

"I don't know whether it's emotional for you, Jimmy, but for me it is — over the past few times, I've taught you some dances, [like] the mating dance from Fantastic Beasts," said Redmayne. "So I thought, given also that... you're a singer and a performer, and you would be a phenomenal Emcee, so I thought I might teach you the beginning of 'Willkommen.'"

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Eddie Redmayne and Jimmy Fallon clown around with blue birthday hats on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon Episode 1977.

The two stood in front of Fallon's desk, and after The Tonight Show Host adopted his best German accent, Redmayne's dance lesson began. Fallon caught on quick until Redmayne instructed him to do a move he called "tickle the balls," (maybe he meant juggling balls?). That's when Fallon lost it, and basically gave up his Emcee training.

"Tickle the balls, Fallon! Tickle the balls! You're also enticing people," Redmayne coached.

Well, he tried. Maybe Cumming could also give Fallon another Emcee lesson next time he's on The Tonight Show to talk The Traitors.