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Watch the "Night Owls" Form a Deal or No Deal Island Alliance to Take Down Boston Rob

Can a new group of allies finally defeat the veteran competition reality competitor dominating Deal or No Deal Island?

By Caitlin Busch
The Night Owl Alliance Forms to Take Out Boston Rob | Deal or No Deal Island | NBC

From the moment they arrived on The Banker's private island, the other contestants on Deal or No Deal Island have (rightfully so) kept a close eye on "Boston Rob" Mariano. The competition reality veteran is a force to be reckoned with — a master manipulator and shrewd strategist. So it was only a matter of time before the others pulled a Survivor-style alliance to oust him once and for all. The question now remains: Will it work? 

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Who Are the Night Owls?

In this preview from Deal or No Deal Island Season 1, Episode 6, a group of four players dub themselves the "Night Owls" and vow to work together 'til the end of the line.

The self-styled "Night Owls" are: Dr. Stephanie Mitchell, Nick Grasso, Dawson Addis, and Amy McCoy

And the name doesn't seem to just be a callout to their penchant for staying up later than the other contestants, huddled together late at night. Stephanie assigns them each a different owl, which she details in the clip as she laughs. She calls herself a barn owl, "a little dignified, but I will scratch your eyeballs out as needed." Nick is a "hunting owl. He's the biggest one in the tree." Dawson is the "long-eared owl. Always knowing what the tea is." And Amy is "definitely the great horned owl. Kind of crazy — ready to attack!"

Nicholas Grasso and Stephanie Mitchell put on harnesses and crossbows in Deal or No Deal Island Episode 102

"It's a great group. I'm privileged to be a part of the Night Owls," Stephanie concludes.

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So far on Deal or No Deal Island, Boston Rob has proven himself the one to beat. The only player who seems to have bested him thus far is his ally and protégé Aron Barbell, who managed to outplay Rob in a recent challenge and was chosen as most "trustworthy" by his fellow players for a challenge in this week's episode. But with the formation of the Night Owls, will some other players finally find the necessary strength in each other to take down the season's frontrunner?

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