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Aron's "Diabolical" Deal or No Deal Island Return Leaves Contestants Shocked: Watch

At the end of the previous episode, Aron Barbell's fellow players voted him most "trustworthy." Will they regret that choice?

By Caitlin Busch

At the end of Deal or No Deal Island, the contestants chose fellow competitor Aron Barbell as the most "trustworthy" of the group. Little did they know it might come back to bite them in the following challenge. 

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In this first-look clip (above) from Deal or No Deal Island Season 1, Episode 5, we get a glimpse at what The Banker is up to in the latest episode. What happened to Aron after The Banker had him stay behind after last week's elimination?

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What happened to Aron?

During the week's challenge, we see Nick Grasso, briefcase in hand, running through the sandy forest. He explains that he's on his way to the "Information Desk," presumably to learn more about the challenge or his goals for the day. 

What awaits him is a total shock: Aron, seated on a throne, with the "Banker's Ledger" opened and visible only to him.

"This is Dr. Evil," Nick says in a confessional, swearing over the discovery and clearly in shock.

Upon seeing his fellow player approach his throne, Aron smiles and greets him with the usual good nature audiences have come to expect.

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"It's good to see you," Nick says.

"It's good to see you too, bro," Aron responds. 

And audiences are left wondering what fate will become of Nick (and Aron for that matter)! 

Aron Barbell and Joe Manganiello face each other in Deal or No Deal Island Episode 104.

Thus far, Aron has proven to be something of a dark horse on Deal or No Deal Island, even managing in Episode 4 to have out-bluffed competition reality royalty "Boston Rob" Mariano, who's been something of a mentor for Aron this season. Will Rob and the other contestants regret choosing Aron as the most "trustworthy" of them all? Is Aron playing with or against his teammates? Is he solely aligned with The Banker now? 

You'll have to watch Deal or No Deal Island to find out.

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