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Chris Meloni & Dean Norris Look Like They Could Be Actual Brothers in New Pic

Norris was brought on as Stabler's brother, Randall, for Law & Order: Organized Crime Season 4.

By McKenzie Jean-Philippe

The Law & Order casting department excels when it comes to finding the perfect guest stars across the franchise, and Law & Order: Organized Crime is no different. 

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One of their most recent castings for Season 4 of OC is Dean Norris as Stabler's (Chris Meloni) brother, Randall Stabler. The casting news was first announced in December 2023, and he has since had four appearances, including the explosive family dinner episode "The Last Supper," which featured Ellen Burstyn as their mom, Bernadette Stabler.

Meloni recently shared a selfie with his new co-star, shouting out Norris, who turned 61 years old on April 8. "Happy birthday #Brotherfromanothersamemother @deannorris @nbc #organizedCrime @wolfentertainment," he captioned the photo.

It's clear why the two actors portray such convincing siblings on screen, as the two sport eerily similar Stabler scowls, blue eyes, and (of course) bald heads.

Norris' next appearance as Randall will be in OC's Season 4, Episode 11 (“Semper Fi") airing April 11. In an interview with Michael Trotter — who plays the third Stabler brother, Joe Jr. — Norris opened up about how he got the role.

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Dean Norris talks working with Chris Meloni on OC

"[OC showrunner] John Shiban, who I have a history with, who was a writer on Breaking Bad, called me and talked to me and told me what was going to happen for the season," Norris said. "I definitely texted Meloni and said, 'Hey, I might be your brother. We’ll see how things work out.' I’m glad it did work out, and it’s been a blast."

He also recalled a hilarious behind-the-scenes story about how he, Meloni, and Trotter all bonded before their first big scene as a trio. It helped that Norris had worked with Meloni before on the 2014 comedy Small Time, while Trotter worked with OC's leading man in the 2016 series Underground.

Randall, Elliot, and Bernadette Stabler stand together in Law & Order: Organized Crime Season 4 Episode 8.

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"We got drunk that morning," he said. "And had a couple fights. We had good makeup, though, to cover up the bruises. I think the fact that we all had — well, I didn’t with Michael before but it certainly felt very comfortable with Mike early on — we both had that history with Chris. I think that it’s hard to fake that stuff. It kind of comes out. We were lucky."

Norris also reflected on his one-on-one scene with Meloni in "The  Last Supper": "There’s some great stuff with the end-of-the-episode kind of chitchat with me and Chris. I always enjoy those, and there are several more of those that kind of come up. I always really just enjoy those scenes. They’re just kind of getting to know my brother better, and I think our relationship starts to thaw out. I enjoy every one of those. There’s a lot of good stuff coming up."