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Alison Brie Absolutely Crushed This Pat Benatar Song Cover: Video

The Apples Never Fall actress got a redo on her "worst audition," with some help from Jimmy Fallon and The Roots.

By Christopher Rudolph

Love might be a battlefield — but so are auditions, something Alison Brie knows all too well.

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On April 2, the Apples Never Fall actress swung by The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon to talk about the Peacock mystery series. She's working alongside Annette Bening and getting shout outs from Frances McDormand these days — but she had the same rocky start that most actors have, with embarrassing audition stories to prove it. Brie told Jimmy Fallon the story of her "worst" audition, which involved singing a Pat Benatar tune.

"There's one early audition, very early in my career that haunts me to this day," Brie told Fallon. "I think it's the worst audition I've ever had! It involved singing."

"It was for this musical, Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson. It was a new musical at the time. It was described as a rock 'n' roll musical. I was just out of college," Brie continued. "I was doing a lot of late-night drunken karaoke and fancied myself quit the singer. There is a false sense of confidence that comes with late-night drunken karaoke."

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"So I got this audition for this rock musical, and I thought, 'Oh great, I got this.' I've got this song I've been doing basically every Saturday night, Pat Benatar's 'Heartbreaker," continued the Community star. "So I do no preparation at all. Just a very cocky attitude to go in. I rehearse in my car on the way over, singing along to Pat Benatar. This was my second mistake. I think singing along makes you think that the singer's voice is your own."

Alison Brie on the tonight show starring jimmy fallon episode 1953

Alison Brie sings an incredible version of Pat Benatar's "Heartbreaker" with Jimmy Fallon

Brie recalled how she arrived for the audition, and could hear the other actors auditioning not with rock songs, but classic Broadway belters like "Tomorrow" from Annie. When it was her turn to sing, she got "two bars in, and I just go to a 10, and I just basically amped up too hard, too fast. I couldn't hit a note."

"I was literally screaming at these poor people I was auditioning for," Brie recounted. "We were meant to do two verses, two choruses. At the break in the middle I had just enough time to take a breath and literally mouth to the people that I was auditioning for, 'I'm sorry.' And then launched right into the next verse. They were not happy, and I have not been asked to audition for those people ever again."

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Brie said if she could to do it over she would "go in slow and low." Inspired, she asked The Roots to give her "a D flat."

Fallon handed Brie a microphone, and she stood up to deliver an excellent rendition of "Heartbreaker." 

If there's ever a revival of Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson, we know who the producers can call.