S5 E1304/17/14

Basic Sandwich
In the epic Season 5 finale, the Save Greendale gang attempts to live up to its name with an epic campus treasure hunt.

S5 E1204/10/14

Basic Story
In part one of an epic two-part season finale, a state advisory board threatens to shut down Greendale once and for all.

S5 E1104/03/14

G.I. Jeff
The Greendale gang gets animated in a special G.I. Joe-inspired episode of Community.

S5 E1003/20/14

Advanced Advanced Dungeons & Dragons
The gang engages in a game of D&D to reunite Professor Hickey with his estranged son.

S5 E903/13/14

VCR Maintenance and Educational Publishing
Abed and Annie feud over their roommate situation while Hickey and Shirley attempt to unload a collection of hot text books.

S5 E803/06/14

App Development and Condiments
A new people-rating app throws Greendale's social order into complete disarray.
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