S2 E2305/20/15

Born into Bad News
In the Season 2 finale, a corrupt police unit pits Voight against a younger, more violent version of himself.

S2 E2205/13/15

Push the Pain Away
A mass shooting sends Intelligence racing to stop a group of killers from striking again.

S2 E2105/06/15

There's My Girl
The explosion of a shrapnel bomb threatens to send a neighborhood into chaos - unless Intelligence can find the culprit.

S2 E2004/29/15

The Number of Rats
In Part 2 of the three-part crossover with Chicago Fire and Law & Order: SVU, detectives from SVU join forces with P.D. to track down a serial killer hunting women in Chicago.

S2 E1904/08/15

The Three Gs
Led by Olinsky, Intelligence hunts down an elusive - and deadly - Chinatown gangster.

S2 E1804/01/15

Get Back to Even
When Voight's card ends up in the hands of a murder suspect, Voight aims to protect him at any cost.
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