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S1 E1102/01/18

Staten Island Fairy
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Will and Grace clash when they get the chance to hawk Grace's line of linens on live TV; a trip down memory lane prompts Karen to truth-bomb Jack's love life. Lauren Weedman guest stars.

S1 E1001/18/18

The Wedding
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Will reunites with his ex-boyfriend Vince... at Vince's wedding! Grace tries to keep Will from making a scene, Jack can't help finding a wacky wedding hookup and Karen trumps a long-distance treasure hunt.

S1 E901/11/18

There's Something About Larry
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Jack's first day as a Lyft driver goes south when he rear-ends a wacky neighbor. An old friend decides he's in love with Will. Tim Bagley and Molly Shannon guest star.

S1 E801/04/18

Friends and Lover
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Will and Grace pretend they're okay dating the same man, celeb chef Jackson Boudreaux; Jack and Karen seek medical help to get an annoying jingle out of their heads. Nick Offerman guest stars.

S1 E712/05/17

A Gay Olde Christmas
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Will, Grace, Jack and Karen take a trip back to turn-of-the-century New York, when Christmas wasn't as romantic as they pictured it. Leslie Jordan and Brian Posehn guest star.

S1 E611/02/17

Rosario's Quinceanera
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When a personal tragedy smacks Karen between the eyes, the gang pulls together to help her through; Will and Grace's business collaboration gets off to a rocky start. Minnie Driver guest stars.
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