S2 E109/21/99

Not Coming to Dinner
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Grace wants to prove that she's not completely dependent upon Will by moving to the apartment across the hall.

S2 E209/28/99

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Grace discovers that Will has certain perks in his apartment, such as a working fireplace, that other tenants, like her, don't have.

S2 E311/02/99

Das Boob
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When a photo of Grace gets published in a newspaper in which she appears to be much more well-endowed than she actually is, she gets asked out the next day by her unrequited high-school heartthrob.

S2 E411/09/99

Whose Mom is it Anyway?
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Grace, who is usually irritated by her well-meaning but meddling mother, gets jealous when her mom starts to dote on Will.

S2 E511/16/99

Polk Defeats Truman
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When Will's ego is inflated by his powerful client, Harlin Polk who encompasses 90% of his business, he makes the mistake of dismissing the many clients who believed in him before his success.

S2 E611/23/99

To Serve and Disinfect
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A recently unemployed Will is challenged by Jack to join his staff as a cater-waiter. Meanwhile, Grace discovers a naughty, naughty little secret of Karen's.
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