Will & Grace: Original


S1 E109/21/98

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Will Truman, a handsome, successful Manhattan lawyer, and Grace Adler, a beautiful, self-employed interior designer, are best friends. In fact, they're absolutely perfect for each other - except that Will just happens to be gay.

S1 E209/28/98

A New Lease on Life
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Will must decide whether to support Grace's independence by encouraging her to take an apartment across town or selfishly keep her close by inviting her to share his living space.

S1 E310/05/98

Head Case
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When Grace moves in with Will, she complains that the guest bathroom is too small and suggests knocking the common wall down to create one big master bathroom, which results in Will having to confront his own issues on change.

S1 E410/12/98

Between a Rock and Harlin's Place
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When Grace decorates Harlin's apartment, she gets carried away with a cowboy theme. Will is both shocked and embarrassed by the cowboy chic and makes an even greater mess of the situation.

S1 E510/26/98

Boo! Humbug
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On All Hallows Eve, Jack is dressed as David 'Hutch' Soul while Karen is costumed as a cat woman for a night in the Village filled with drag queens and a few surprises.

S1 E611/09/98

William, Tell
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When Jack reveals to Grace that Will once had an affair with a 'client,' she becomes paranoid that Will is keeping secrets from her.
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