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S1 E2605/27/17

Unique Family Members
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Whether it's a horse, pig or donkey, pets are loved by their owners - and Dr. Oakley will give her all to keep these pets happy and healthy.

S1 E2405/13/17

When Doctor Becomes Patient
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After a full week of treating other people's pets, the tables turn when Dr. Oakley's dog, Daisy, needs an operation.

S1 E2305/06/17

Maintenance Day
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For Dr. Oakley, some days are spent performing life-saving surgeries, others involve helping with conservation projects, but most of her days consist of routine exams.

S1 E2204/29/17

Earning Their Wings
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Dr. Oakley finds great joy in rehabilitating her feathered patients, from majestic eagles and owls to beautiful ducks and ravens.

S1 E2104/22/17

Animals of the Yukon
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Dr. Oakley knows that the bigger the animal is, the bigger the job will be - and in the Yukon, that means caribou, bison and musk oxen.
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