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S2 E1703/10/18

Oh Deer!
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With so many species of deer roaming the Yukon, no two encounters are ever the same. But no matter their size, age or color, these creatures can always rely on Dr. Oakley to be there when they need her.

S2 E1603/03/18

Tiny Hearts
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In the Yukon, large animals aren’t the only ones to require Dr. Oakley’s expertise. Little creatures depend on her as well. But don’t let their size fool you, because the tiniest patients tend to have the largest personalities.

S2 E1502/24/18

Dangerous Jobs
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As a wildlife vet, not every appointment happens in the safety of an office, and sometimes entering a patient’s world is risky. Dr. Oakley handles everything from feisty musk oxen to grumpy bears.

S2 E1402/17/18

Baby Fever
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It's birthing season in the Yukon, and Dr. Oakley's phone is ringing off the hook. Being there for the first moments of a new animal’s life is the greatest joy of her career.

S2 E1302/10/18

Farmyard Friends
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Farms in the Yukon offer a variety of patients for Dr. Oakley, and every day presents new challenges. From field surgeries to physical exams, farm calls keep her busy, and she knows the animals are relying on her to keep them happy and healthy.

S2 E1202/03/18

Dogs & Hogs
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Dogs and pigs are considered loyal pets, and that's why Dr. Oakley is so passionate about helping them. Whether it's performing regular checkups or answering emergency calls, she can send her patients home wagging their tails or squealing with deligh…
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