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S2 E811/18/17

Call of the Wild
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The most rewarding part of Dr. Oakley’s job is being out in the field, working with wild animals. That’s why when calls come in asking for help with wildlife projects, she jumps at the opportunity to get up close and personal with some amazing creatu…

S2 E711/11/17

Icons of the Yukon
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Having lived in the Yukon for years, Dr. Oakley has seen many unique and beautiful animals that call it home - and she never takes for granted the significance these creatures hold for the heritage of this wild place.

S2 E611/04/17

Living with Livestock
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In the Yukon, farms are a familiar sight - and for Dr. Oakley that means plenty of livestock in need of veterinary care. From big boars and baby cows, to even a few alpaca, Dr. Oakley knows these animals and the farmers who care for them depend on he…

S2 E510/28/17

Tiny Family Members
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Pets come in every shape and size, so Dr. Oakley sees patients large and small. From treating sick rats and aging parrots to examining pregnant cats and chickens, she has to think big to save these tiny creatures.

S2 E410/21/17

Curing Canines
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Dr. Oakley works with dogs every day and is constantly reminded why they're considered man's best friend. That's why whenever one of these beloved pets is in trouble, this doctor doesn't stop fighting to help.

S2 E310/14/17

Large and in Charge
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When you have patients like brown bears and wood bison, both of which have unpredictable and aggressive behavior, Dr. Oakley knows you always have to be on high alert. There's no room for error.
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