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S2 E2505/19/18

Second Chances
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Dr. Oakley's job has plenty of ups and downs. While some clients require only simple care, others can be in dire straits. But losing hope isn't something Dr. Oakley knows how to do, because saving her patients is the ultimate reward.

S2 E2405/12/18

Fierce and Furriest
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Whether small, medium or large, there are plenty of fierce creatures to be found in the Yukon. Although Dr. Oakley recognizes some of her patients may be dangerous, it doesn’t stop her from doing her job.

S2 E2305/05/18

Search Party
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Animals living in the Yukon have thousands of square miles to call home. This can pose a serious challenge for Dr. Oakley when she goes into the field, because sometimes, before she can help a creature in need, she first has to find them first.

S2 E2204/28/18

Always on Call
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Being prepared for anything is part of the wildlife vet job, and in the Yukon, there’s never a shortage of creatures in need. Fortunately, these animals have Dr. Oakley, a veterinarian who's always ready to answer their call.

S2 E2104/21/18

Far and Wide
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The Yukon is a large place, which for a veterinarian means having clients both near and far. Dr. Oakley is one dedicated doc and will go to extreme lengths and distances if it means helping her patients.

S2 E2004/14/18

Cold Cases
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Life in the Yukon means beautiful landscapes, amazing wildlife and some of the harshest weather conditions in the world. But there’s no such thing as a snow day. Luckily, Dr. Oakley doesn’t mind heading out into the cold to help any animal that needs…
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