Episodes (10)

S1 E912/25/15

The Tell-Tale Tacos
Mitch rails against racism, while Tracy learns her behavior could be impacting Sadie.

S1 E1012/25/15

The Wedding
Russell is miffed when his friends ask Mitch to officiate their wedding.

S1 E812/11/15

Love Thy Neighbor
Mitch's plan to befriend the new neighbors hits a snag when their barking dog keeps Sadie up all night.

S1 E712/04/15

The Ecosystem
Mitch and Angie try to find common ground when they end up going to lunch together. Plus, Tracy invites Russell to work out of her office.

S1 E611/20/15

Guess Who's Coming to Decorate
Angie accidentally hires one of Russell's exes as an interior decorator. Plus, Mitch explains guy code to Tracy.

S1 E511/13/15

Members Only
Mitch and Tracy compete to see who can score Russell and Angie a better discount.
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