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S2 E608/09/18

New Case, Old Murder
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While suffering the mental and intestinal distress of helping a murderer walk free, Josh struggles to satisfy all the ladies in his life. Carol Anne Keane agrees to go after Lavinia by re-opening the case of her brother's killer, Jesse Ray Beaumont.

S2 E508/09/18

A Change in the Team
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After tumbling down the Fosters' rum-hole, Dwayne takes the stand as an expert witness for the prosecution and declares Lavinia guilty. But when Edgar Foster's former lover is found dead, her suicide note proves Lavinia's innocence... at first glance…

S2 E407/26/18

A Hole in the Case
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Lavinia is forced to tell the truth about Ronnie del Mundo, the beneficiary of her husband's $50 million life insurance policy. When a handwriting expert and carny weighs in on the signature on the policy, he reveals more than anyone expects.

S2 E307/26/18

The Murder Clock
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After Lavinia is arrested for shoplifting, Josh and the team chase new leads with shocking (and bizarre) results. While things heat up between Josh and the true crime podcaster, ADA Carol Anne Keane sees a veterinary gynecologist.

S2 E207/19/18

The Timeline
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The team must prove Lavinia's innocence after ADA Carol Anne Keane uses her pregnancy to manipulate the court into sending the case to trial. A true crime podcaster and Lavinia's brother's killer hold the key to a crucial piece of exculpatory evidenc…

S2 E107/19/18

The Suitcase
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Attorney Josh Segal and team take the case of East Peck's most fabulous socialite (Kristin Chenoweth), who's accused of murdering her husband. They're up against an ADA - Josh's pregnant ex-lover - and the pressure of defending a beloved Pecker.
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