Episodes (16)

S1 E1602/20/17

The Red Scare
As the Time Team moves to defeat Rittenhouse, Lucy reaches out to her grandfather in 1954 D.C. for help.

S1 E1502/13/17

Public Enemy No. 1
While on the run from Rittenhouse, the team chases Flynn back to 1931 where he's teamed up with the legendary mob boss Al Capone.

S1 E1402/06/17

The Lost Generation
With Wyatt under arrest, Lucy, Rufus and their new team member join forces with Ernest Hemingway to fight Flynn back in 1927 Paris.

S1 E1301/30/17

Karma Chameleon
Wyatt and Rufus travel back to 1983 to stop the parents of Jessica's killer from ever meeting each other.

S1 E1201/23/17

The Murder of Jesse James
Back in 1882, Flynn gets help from Jesse James while the team recruits the Lone Ranger and Tonto to track them down.

S1 E1101/16/17

The World's Columbian Exposition
Flynn forces Lucy to travel back to the Chicago World's Fair to help him assassinate Thomas Edison, Henry Ford and J.P. Morgan, but Wyatt and Rufus are hot on their trail.
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