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S2 E2002/05/18

Kirk and Brooke
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Single father Kirk and his daughter Brooke are ready to conquer the Wall and bring home big money for their family.

S2 E1901/29/18

Steve and Nick
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Steve and Nick, newlyweds from Akron who look out for their elderly neighbors, challenge the Wall in hopes of going home huge winners.

S2 E1801/22/18

Brooke and Cody
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Cody, a fireman from Spokane, and his wife, Brooke, go up against the Wall and take big risks in hopes of gaining big rewards.

S2 E1701/15/18

Jakia and Shana
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Cousins Jakia and Shana battle the Wall in hopes of winning big for their grandmother, who has inspired them to dedicate their lives to giving back to their community.

S2 E1601/08/18

Victor and Evelyn
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Victor, a life-saving transit officer from New Jersey, and his wife, Evelyn, face the highs and lows of the Wall in the hopes of going home big winners.

S2 E1501/01/18

Niko and Kassie
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Niko, a former U.S. Marine who earned a Purple Heart and a Bronze Star for valor for rescuing a fellow soldier in combat, and his wife, Kassie, take on the Wall in hopes of winning big for their family.
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