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  • Hometown: Quakertown, PA


Laura didn't have the easiest childhood, but music helped her navigate the most difficult times. In second grade, Laura began to experience bullying. After years of this, Laura's parents were so concerned they pulled her from school and opted for homeschooling. After a year of homeschool and a fresh perspective, Laura was ready to enter public middle school. During that time, she thrived and began singing in theater. Unfortunately, high school presented new challenges as she moved to a new area. Laura struggled with self-image issues, which led to the development of an eating disorder. After several years and with the support of her family, Laura leaned into her faith for healing and later on sought out therapy. Thankfully, she's healthy and happy now, and those experiences have fueled her songwriting. She began to compose songs as early as 14 and now shares her music as well as Christian-based content on social media.

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