Six Million Dollar Man


S6 E109/11/77

Sharks - Part 1
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Steve investigates a nuclear submarine that was abandoned due to an unexplained power failure, but things get complicated when pirates use trained sharks in their attempt to steal the sub. Marc Alaimo guest stars.

S6 E209/18/77

Sharks - Part 2
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When a naval admiral orders the destruction of the nuclear sub Steve is investigating, Oscar devises a plan to save it. Marc Alaimo guest stars.

S6 E309/25/77

Deadly Countdown - Part 1
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Steve is selected for a space mission to stop thieves from commandeering an OSI satellite, but a hired killer is assigned to assassinate Steve. Jenny Agutter guest stars.

S6 E410/02/77

Deadly Countdown - Part 2
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Steve learns that a friend of his was responsible for a pre-launch explosion in which Steve was injured. Jenny Agutter guest stars.

S6 E510/09/77

Bigfoot V
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When Bigfoot is prematurely resurrected by an anthropologist's sonic device and the creature goes on a rampage in the wilderness, Steve must help his hairy alien friend evade capture. Ted Cassidy and Geoffrey Lewis guest star.

S6 E610/16/77

Killer Wind
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After making an emergency landing in a desert town due to the whipping winds of a tornado, Steve is attacked by bank robbers while en route to save children trapped in a tramway on a mountain. James McEachin guest stars.
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