Six Million Dollar Man


S5 E109/19/76

The Return of Bigfoot - Part 1
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Rebel aliens intent on plundering Earth dispatch their Bigfoot android to steal supplies from the U.S. government. When Steve is accused of Bigfoot's destruction, he must clear his name. Ted Cassidy, John Saxon and Sandy Duncan guest star.

S5 E209/22/76

The Return of Bigfoot - Part 2
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When Steve suffers from radiation poisoning, Jaime must save his life, fend off Bigfoot and stop the rebel aliens from succeeding at world domination. Ted Cassidy, John Saxon and Sandy Duncan guest star.

S5 E309/26/76

Nightmare in the Sky
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When Steve's friend Kelly Wood claims she was shot down by a World War II Japanese Zero aircraft, her plane vanishes and she is blamed for its disappearance. Only Steve believes her, and he must clear her name. Farrah Fawcett guest stars.

S5 E410/03/76

Double Trouble
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A foreign power implants a device into comedian Billy Parker's head that allows the enemy to control the entertainer by remote control. Steve goes undercover as the comedian's bodyguard to find out who is behind the plot. Flip Wilson guest stars.

S5 E510/17/76

The Most Dangerous Enemy
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When Steve and Rudy go to a remote island to check on a missing scientist, Rudy is bitten by a berserk chimpanzee and turns into a psychotic superman. Steve must use his powers to stop him before it's too late.

S5 E610/24/76

H + 2 + O = Death
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Steve acts as a double agent to penetrate the dangerous Omega espionage ring. With Rudy's help, Steve poses as a doctor and fakes an underwater breathing apparatus to outwit the enemy. Linden Chiles guest stars.
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