Six Million Dollar Man


S3 E109/13/74

Nuclear Alert
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When Oscar learns that conspirators have sold an atomic bomb to a small foreign country, Steve must stop the delivery of the weapon. George Gaynes guest stars.

S3 E209/20/74

The Pioneers
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A scientist in space injects himself with a powerful serum and gains superhuman strength; when he crash lands in Minnesota and starts terrorizing people with his animalistic behavior, Steve is the first on the scene. Mike Farrell guest stars.

S3 E309/27/74

Pilot Error
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Steve suffers temporary blindness when his face is sprayed with hot engine oil from a malfunctioning airplane, but despite his vision loss, he must take over the controls of the airplane to save the life of a senator. Pat Hingle guest stars.

S3 E410/04/74

The Pal-Mir Escort
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Steve must protect a dying prime minister from assassins and escort her to a secret hospital, where she will receive the world's first bionic heart from Dr. Rudy Wells. Anne Revere guest stars.

S3 E511/01/74

The Seven Million Dollar Man
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The OSI creates another bionic man out of racecar driver Barney Miller, but when Miller shows signs of mental instability, Steve must stop him before he can destroy the bionics source files. Monte Markham guest stars.

S3 E611/08/74

Straight on 'til Morning
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When a UFO crashes to Earth, four radioactive aliens swim ashore and encounter tragedy when confronting humans, so Steve helps the sole surviving alien return safely to her mothership. Meg Foster guest stars.
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