Six Million Dollar Man


S2 E101/18/74

Population: Zero
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When the entire population of a town is knocked out, Steve and Oscar investigate the situation. They discover the culprit and must stop him from striking again.

S2 E201/25/74

Survival of the Fittest
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Steve and Oscar's flight makes an emergency landing. As they wait to be rescued, things get complicated when Oscar is wounded in an assassination attempt and Steve must save him. Jo Anne Worley guest stars.

S2 E302/01/74

Operation Firefly
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When Dr. Samuel Abbott is kidnapped while working on his portable laser projector, Steve goes to Spain to meet the scientist's daughter, whose ESP helps guide the pair in their rescue mission. Pamela Franklin guest stars.

S2 E402/08/74

Day of the Robot
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Steve is called to duty when the inventor of an anti-missile device is kidnapped and replaced with a robot; he must go head-to-head with the robot to save the missile guidance system from spies. John Saxon guest stars.

S2 E502/22/74

Little Orphan Airplane
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Steve is dispatched to save a U.S. pilot who has crashed in Africa and recover valuable evidence that the pilot has with him; to escape the region, Steve must repair the airplane. Greg Morris guest stars.

S2 E603/01/74

Doomsday, and Counting
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When an earthquake traps a woman in an underground nuclear reactor, Steve travels to Russia to rescue her, but things get complicated when he learns that the earthquake has activated a self-destruct weapon that he must race against time to stop.
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