Episodes (9)

S1 E911/19/15

Agent Nolan makes a bold move against the House as Alex and Cassandra uncover a shocking secret about Ginny's disappearance.

S1 E811/12/15

Downtown Odds
Johnson forms a perilous relationship with Agent Nolan as Alex tries to stop a gang war from erupting in the streets of Las Vegas.

S1 E711/05/15

A House Is Not a Home
The House faces a dangerous threat while Alex attempts to stop a bomber in Chicago. Cassandra goes behind Johnson's back to investigate Ginny.

S1 E610/29/15

The Norseman
As Detective Brown begins to unravel the mysteries of the Game, Alex's family is caught in the path of a pagan serial killer.

S1 E510/22/15

House Rules
Alex must protect a boy genius who hacked into the Pentagon and is now being hunted by the Chinese government.

S1 E410/15/15

The Big Blind
Alex must stop a trio of deadly bounty hunters vying for the price tag on a Vegas mobster's head.
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