S3 E1208/31/16

While Drew fights to keep Brianna and Topher fights to save the ER, Scott and Jordan must fight for their lives in the midst of a raging wildfire.

S3 E1108/24/16

While Scott and Jordan face grave danger during a wildfire rescue mission, TC and Syd confront a humanitarian crisis at a refugee camp on the Turkish-Syrian border.

S3 E1008/03/16

Between a Rock and a Hard Place/Trust Issues
In emotional back-to-back episodes, Scott treats the father of the boy he paralyzed, while TC's temper lands him and Drew in jail just when Brianna needs Drew most.

S3 E907/27/16

When the ER is rocked by a deadly explosion, the doctors and nurses of the night shift put their own lives on the line to save their patients.

S3 E807/13/16

All In
Shannon and Paul bond while treating a gravely injured foster mother and her young daughter, and TC makes a startling discovery when Topher's mother is brought into the ER with life-threatening symptoms.

S3 E707/06/16

By Dawn's Early Light
Syd lends a hand to the night shift after a local fireworks accident, and TC and Jordan must intervene when Topher denies he was injured in the explosion. Jennifer Beals guest stars.
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