S4 E111/21/80

Free Fall
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Free Fall: David Banner is a member of an aerial exhibition team when it hits the hometown of one of its members for a show. Old antagonisms are rekindled which erupt into open warfare when a corrupt politician sabotages the team's plane during the e…

S4 E212/05/80

Dark Side
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Dark Side: David Banner's experiments on himself backfire when they send him into a primitive state. As the dark side of his mind is triggered by his beastly impulses, Banner menaces the young daughter of the family with whom he is boarding.

S4 E312/12/80

Deep Shock
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Deep Shock: While rescuing a fellow power plant worker, Banner is subjected to massive electrical trauma which enables him to foresee events in the immediate future.

S4 E401/09/81

Bring Me the Head of the Hulk
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Bring Me the Head of the Hulk: With a million-dollar reward offered by a magazine for the Hulk's head, a mercenary adventurer lures David Banner to an isolated laboratory especially designed to attract him and entrap the Hulk.

S4 E501/16/81

Fast Lane
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Fast Lane: David Banner unknowingly gets involved with the mob. It takes the Hulk to dispose of the pursuers, one by one.

S4 E602/06/81

King of the Beach
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King of the Beach: Lou Ferrigno, who stars as the Hulk, also guest stars as Carl Molino, a struggling worker in a beach-side restaurant who dreams of saving enough money to open a cafe of his own.
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