Episodes (7)

S2 E711/02/17

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While Jason and Tahani grow closer, Michael, Eleanor and Chidi look for an ethical way to deal with the rebound boyfriend Janet has created for herself. Jason Mantzoukas guest stars.

S2 E610/26/17

Janet and Michael
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Michael has to help Janet figure out why she keeps glitching before she inadvertently causes the entire neighborhood to implode.

S2 E510/19/17

The Trolley Problem
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Michael turns an ethical dilemma from Chidi's lessons into a frightening reality, and Janet helps Tahani process her feelings.

S2 E410/12/17

Existential Crisis
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Eleanor sets off an existential crisis for Michael, then gives him bad advice on how to cope with it. Meanwhile, Tahani and Jason discover an unexpected connection.

S2 E310/05/17

Team Cockroach
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Michael proposes an alliance, but Eleanor thinks teaming up with an actual devil is crazy and probably a trap, so as Chidi and Tahani begin to side with Michael, Eleanor looks for a way out.

S2 E209/28/17

Dance Dance Resolution
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Eleanor keeps discovering the truth, forcing Michael to reboot repeatedly, and as Michael wracks up hundreds of failed attempts, the bad place gets even worse when his co-workers stage a mutiny.
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