Episodes (13)

S1 E1301/19/17

Michael's Gambit - Extended Cut
Eleanor's fate is on the line in the Season 1 finale of The Good Place.

S1 E1201/19/17

Mindy St. Claire/Michael's Gambit
Eleanor goes on the lam in the medium place to avoid judgment in the hour-long season finale.

S1 E1101/12/17

What's My Motivation - Extended Cut
Eleanor tries to improve her score before Shawn, the judge, arrives; Janet and Jason reveal their love to Michael. Real Eleanor tells Chidi she loves him, but he's too in his head to know if he loves her back.

S1 E1001/05/17

Chidi's Choice - Extended Cut
Soul mate madness! Eleanor confesses her love to Chidi and an unlikely pair takes the plunge.

S1 E911/03/16

...Someone Like Me as a Member - Extended Cut
Eleanor's fate hangs in the balance as Michael fights for her soul. Adam Scott guest stars.

S1 E810/27/16

Most Improved Player - Extended Cut
Eleanor pleads her case as Michael uncovers who she really is. Adam Scott guest stars.
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