The Event


Episodes (22)

S1 E109/20/10

I Haven't Told You Everything
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Sean Walker's girlfriend Leila goes missing during their romantic St. Lucia vacation. President Martinez plans a press conference to tell the world about the closure of a mysterious prison camp, and to introduce the public to one of its prisoners, S…

S1 E209/27/10

To Keep Us Safe
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When Sophia refuses to tell President Martinez what happened to Flight 514, he decides to keep the detainees in Inostranka and search for other "sleepers" who may be hiding in the general population.

S1 E310/04/10

Protect Them from the Truth
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After seeing the dead passengers of Flight 514, President Martinez offers William freedom in exchange for information on the sleepers. Sean forges an unlikely partnership with Agent Collier when even she can't deny the conspiracy.

S1 E410/11/10

A Matter of Life and Death
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Thomas threatens to kill people if Martinez doesn't free the Inostranka detainees. Sean and Agent Collier get closer to finding Leila, not realizing that they might be falling into a trap.

S1 E510/18/10

Casualties of War
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Sean and Agent Collier rescue Vicky while Martinez releases Sophia in order to save the lives of the Flight 514 passengers.

S1 E610/25/10

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Sean and Leila discover Michael Buchanan's link to Inostranka while Thomas, Sophia and Simon disappear in a strange exploding building.
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